532-60 Agri

Equipment type:

Introducing our range of agriculture telehandlers. Choose between the Agri and Agri Super.


Manufacturer: JCB
Model(s): 532-60 Agri
Max Lift Height: 6.22 m


Lift Capacity: Lift 3,000 kg
Max Lift Height: 6.22 m


Engine Power: 81 kW


Speed: 40 kph


  • 12% increase in size to give best-in-class cab volume.
  • 14% increase in upward visibility through the new seamless one-piece curved glazing, to maintain best-in-class all-round visibility.
  • 50% reduction in cab noise to give best-in-class 69dba.
  • 66% better defrost time and 10% increase in airflow performance are the result of a complete hvac redesign.
  • All-new commandplus cab provides operators of all shapes and sizes with a comfortable driving position and extra space, to help work productively with less fatigue over a long working day.
  • Auto bucket control makes it easier to meter out or fully empty material from your bucket or manure fork via a feature button on the joystick.
  • Boom end damping improves material retention and makes for a smoother work cycle.
  • Designed and built to work seamlessly and in harmony across a wide range of agricultural applications.
  • Designed to protect the operator and guard against accidents.
  • Fleximode provides independent engine Speed and ground Speed control.
  • Hydraulic auxiliary venting releases pressure from inside and outside the cab for quick and safe agricultural attachment changeover.
  • New hydraulic auxiliary venting system allows for internal and external pressure release for the front and rear hydraulic auxiliary service.
  • New hydraulic twin-line trailer brake system which adjusts to allow the operator to connect a more traditional single-line braked trailer.
  • New increased Lifting performance throughout the range.
  • New set of grab handles for excellent access and egress.
  • On top of everything… Our best cab
  • Our all-new commandplus cab provides farm operators with the ultimate driving experience.
  • Our best drivetrain
  • Our best hydraulics
  • Our best productivity
  • Our best safety features
  • Our smart hydraulics package improves cycle time and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational forces for quicker boom lowering and retract.
  • Seamless one-piece curved glass provides best-in-class all-round visibility and excellent headroom.
  • Unparalleled productivity courtesy of smart hydraulics, superior performance and efficient design.
  • We are the only manufacturer of agricultural products to make our complete drivetrain for maximum performance and efficiency with harmonious operation of gearbox and engine.



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