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Monitor Fleet Assets and Black Equipment's Maintenance Service

Don't have time to deal with something new?
Don't worry. You don't have to do a thing. We do the setup and data entry for you while Premier Fleet runs in the background. Your detailed fleet information is always there should you ever decide you need it. When we show Premier Fleet to our Fleet Maintenance Customers, they say, "Why would we NOT want this!"


Whether you want your data now or later, make sure you have it all. We set it up for you. No-touch Data Entry.

See if Premier Fleet Is Right for You

  • Do you ever feel out of control of your forklift fleet?

  • Is it hard to see how much you're spending on maintenance. . . and on what?

  • Do you have enough equipment that it's becoming impossible to manage or think about Preventative Maintenance?

  • If these things trouble you, then Premier Fleet & Black Equipment Maintenance Service is the solution for you.

  • How do my competitors know what's going on with THEIR fleet assets?


Premier Fleet


Track asset costs by:

• Department
• Type-of-Work
• Age and more


Implement & Monitor Preventative Maintenance for Maximum Uptime.


Strategically justify your Repair or Replace Decisions


Optimize Costs and Minimize Risks.


Find the Root Cause of Maintenance Issues.


100% Transparency

Have Peace of Mind that all fleet work & costs of
everything our Maintenance Service does for you are at your fingertips day or night.

See if Premier Fleet Is Right for You

Plant Managers

  • What fleet issues are causing shipping delays? Kaizen your fleet.
  • Are you getting the fleet service you expected from your vendor?
  • Develop strategies to optimize costs & minimize risks using real-time maintenance data.
  • See fleet asset costs by Department, Type-of-Work, Age & more.
  • Does your fleet need Preventative Maintenance Tracking?
  • Some problems are the result of too many or too few trucks.
  • Premier Fleet insights help you RIGHT-SIZE your fleet.
  • Have recent internal process changes increased fleet maintenance costs?
  • Premier Fleet helps you find the root cause of new fleet problems.
  • Is poor fleet maintenance affecting operator retention?
  • Get Repair vs. Replace Insights.
  • No-touch data entry and immediate access to all maintenance information.
  • Customizable Reports. Easy Interface.
  • Premier Fleet is Free with Black Equipment Maintenance Service
  • Start tracking your service data now whether you think you'll use it or not.
  • This data is how you spot trends.

Maintenance Managers

  • Have confusing maintenance issues shown up in your fleet?
  • We input your Service Data as we go. You see fleet maintenance history, problems, & trends.
  • Get peace-of-mind you can KNOW & PROVE what you've DONE & SPENT.
  • Find the root cause of new maintenance problems
  • Full fleet maintenance data at your fingertips for all fleet assets.
  • Customize reports to see things like: 'Cost-by-Asset' or 'Cost-by-Repair' so you can make strategic decisions.
  • Transparent vendor fleet service.
  • One place to find all your material handling fleet data.
  • Maximize Uptime. Use Service History to plan  or see scheduled Preventative Maintenance.
  • Use fleet maintenance data to keep drivers safe & comply with OSHA regulations.
  • Want to go deeper? Add Telemetry Data with Hyster Tracker or Yale Vision.


  • Manage the Fleet Service Vendor relationship with full transparency so you can make sure you get what you paid for.
  • Track asset costs for budget planning.
  • Monitor lifetime costs & useful lifetime on your lift truck fleet.
  • Plan asset purchases before there's a problem.
  • Fast & easy access to in-depth fleet costs & trends.
  • Historical costs of trucks to justify your Repair vs. Replace decision.
  • Prove when old forklifts become an expensive liability.
  • Track assets by operator to see if misuse is adding to maintenance costs.
  • One place to monitor your fleet's service data.
  • Use fleet service data to optimize costs & minimize risks.
  • Analyze fleet issues to Right-Size your fleet.
  • Monitor preventative maintenance. With Yale Vision, you can integrate automatic telemetrics for up-to-the-minute information.
  • Identify opportunities for continual improvement.
Average of 15% Savings in the First Year

Premier Fleet and Black Equipment Maintenance Service

  • Access ALL Fleet Data in One Place
  • Complete Asset & Repair Transparency
  • Lease Tracking
  • Work Order & Invoice Detail
  • Fast In-Depth Access to Fleet Costs & Trends
  • Preventative Maintenance Tracking
  • Sort by Type of Repair
  • 1 Service Vendor Invoice for All Locations
  • Works for a Mix of Equipment
  • Integrates with Black Equipment's Invoices via your Customer Portal
  • Inform Repair or Replace Decisions
  • Help 'Right-Size' Your Fleet
  • Helps with Root Cause Analysis of Fleet Problems
  • Intuitive Simple Interface
  • Highly Configurable to Your Tracking Needs
  • Gives You Control of Your Fleet
  • Tire Tracking
  • Keep an Eye on Unused Equipment
Premier Fleet management software screen capture - material handling forklift fleet data

Available When Equipped with Telemetry

(Installed by Black Equipment):

  • Restrict & Authorize Operator Access to Equipment
  • Paperless OSHA Checklist & Historical Log
  • Track Equipment Idle Time vs. Run Time
  • Receive Impact Alerts w/ the Option to Disable Equipment After Impact
  • Real-Time Preventative Maintenance Tracking & Scheduling

Available When Equipped with Operator Assist System (OAS)

(Installed by Black Equipment):

  • Object Detection - Detects objects in path of travel. Will reduce speed or nearly stop truck. Operator has ultimate control.
  • Proximity Detection - Detects proximity of other OAS Equipment or Pedestrians with badges. Will reduce speed or nearly stop truck. Operator has ultimate control.
  • Adjust Equipment Performance - Controls travel and hydraulics based on usage to stabilize & steady truck.
  • Real-Time Location - Monitors where equipment is in set zones for speed reduction or stoppage in restricted areas.
You’re in good hands

Our Simple Guarantees

Complicated Guarantees don't encourage Peace of Mind or transparency...

That's why our guarantees are simple and easy to understand

service guarantee

Our service work is guaranteed for 60 days. If the repairs we make fail anytime within 60 days, we provide a free loaner until the repair is corrected.

parts guarantee

Parts: Guaranteed for 12 months
Belts & Hoses: Guaranteed for 90 days

Rental guarantee

Delivered on time and ready to use or the first rental week is free.

Equipment guarantee

If your equipment doesn't perform as specified within 30 days of delivery, we'll buy the equipment back.
You’re in good hands

100% Service Transparency

With PREMIER FLEET, you'll know what we serviced, when we serviced it, and how much it cost.

Use that data to hold us to our word.
It's how we ensure that we act like your business partner.

Contact us now to better manage your fleet.

See if Premier Fleet Is Right for You

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