Increase Productivity and Safety in the Agriculture Industry 

Demands for the agriculture industry are growing rapidly and require effective solutions to help meet and exceed these demands. Extreme environments, increased costs, sustainability, along with food quality and safety are the pressing issues the industry is urgently looking to solve.  

Agriculture Challenges

Across the agriculture industry, four key challenges remain constant:

  • Environment – Workers and equipment are exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions resulting in labor challenges and equipment downtime. Tools that are able to withstand dust, dirt, and debris while reducing overall costs and discomfort of workers are needed to meet industry demands efficiently.  
  • Tight Margins – Maintenance or downtime along with ownership and operational expenses can drive up costs. Maximum efficiency is needed to increase profitability. This is achieved through right-sizing your fleet, installing trucks that have greater fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs, and addressing labor challenges. 
  • Sustainability – The pollution from exhaust and noise from ICE trucks has led to a need for greater sustainability practices for the agriculture industry. State and federal regulations along with corporate responsibility have increased emphasis on green initiatives and emissions reductions. Switching from ICE trucks to electric models helps to eliminate emissions and decrease the carbon footprint of the agriculture industry.  
  • Food Quality & Safety – The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires enhanced visibility and traceability to prevent food contamination. Equipment abuse or unauthorized operation can also cause accidents and reduce productivity. Operator training and food-grade lubricants can help improve the overall quality and safety of the agriculture industry. 

Find Solutions with Black Equipment

Black Equipment has the technology solutions to assist the agriculture industry in meeting growing demands and addressing challenges head-on. Our proven approaches have made us trusted in the agriculture industry and our experience provides us with the knowledge it takes to drive change. 

Walkie Pallet Stackers

With exceptional maneuverability and ergonomics, Black Equipment’s pallet stackers are ideal for solving labor challenges and improving overall productivity. They are built for comfort while being strong and durable at a low cost of operation. The Walkie Pallet Stacker is powered by lithium-ion technology to align with greater sustainability practices

Three-Wheel Sit Electric Truck

Cost-effective forklifts designed to efficiently transport loads to storage, loading and unloading trailers. Configured for multiple power sources to offer electric power flexibility for lower-hour applications. Comfortable operation with power and flexibility is possible with our electric trucks. 

End Rider

Ideal for loading and unloading trailers, horizontal transport, long runs, and picking and building pallets.  Streamline your picking process and boost productivity while increasing throughput all with our End Rider Pallet Trucks. 

Support When and Where You Need It

Black Equipment does more than just supply equipment. Our customer support is unparalleled. Always prepared to meet your needs quickly, we are a customer-focused, family-owned dealership that can pivot with you to solve any problem.

Our customers can take advantage of our preventative maintenance programs, extensive parts inventory, and even our maintenance technicians to keep fleets up and running with little to no downtime.

We even offer our Premier Fleet service & online portal to keep needed Service and Repair information at your fingertips, 24/7.

Conquer Today’s Top Agriculture Industry Pain Points

Our customer-centered approach is at the heart of our operations. Contact Black Equipment today and let us provide a customized solution for your warehouse.