Forklift Rental Equipment

Forklift rentals are one of our most popular offerings at Black Equipment, and for good reason. Forklifts and forklift attachments add versatile capabilities for most industrial settings. When you need short-term heavy-duty equipment to lift, manipulate and transport your goods and materials, our material handling equipment rentals are the place to start.

Types of Forklift Rentals

Whether your short-term forklift requirements center around major construction projects, manufacturing or everyday material handling in a warehouse setting, Black Equipment’s rental selection can help keep you up and running. We have options with capacities from 3,000 pounds up to 55,000 pounds with a variety of power sources. When you choose us for forklift equipment rentals, you can select from:

  • Industrial forklifts: Also known as industrial lifts or outside forklifts, industrial forklifts are the ideal solution for transporting heavy loads over rugged terrain. They’re generally powered by diesel fuel or liquified petroleum gas (LPG).
  • Warehouse forklifts: Warehouse forklifts are also known as inside lifts or forklifts, and are designed to work best on smooth, level surfaces, like the inside of a manufacturing plant. They’re typically smaller than industrial forklifts but offer a range of configurations to suit almost any application. Warehouse lift trucks are typically electric or LPG-powered and come with cushioned tires.

Forklift Attachment Rentals 

Our wide array of forklift attachment rentals can adapt your forklift rental to almost any application.

Many of our clients work in agriculture and require special attachments to handle delicate products like produce. We can configure your forklift rental with agriculture attachments like:

  • Hay spear attachments
  • Cotton clamps
  • Fork extensions and multi-fork attachments for handling gaylords and skidded produce

We also serve the paper manufacturing industry. Available attachments for the paper industry enable you to lift and manipulate heavy bulky loads like:

  • Round bales
  • Round rolls
  • Rectangular and square bales

A few examples of other forklift attachments used in other industries include:

  • Rotators for dumping containers and manipulating loads in a variety of demanding environments
  • Clamps that regulate pressure on sensitive products
  • Slip sheets for stacking products without skids

The Black Equipment Advantage

At Black Equipment, our goal is simple — provide the tools and peace of mind you need to thrive and succeed every day. Our forklifts and attachments for rent are ideal for dealing with fluctuations in seasonal demand, unexpected volume surges or the need for a temporary replacement during repairs of another lift. When you need to rent a forklift because a purchase or lease doesn’t make sense, contact our experienced rental team. 

We strive to make our rental process simple and seamless so your business can remain efficient and productive. Our rental guarantee ensures your forklift will arrive on time and ready for use, or you’ll get a full week’s rental free. Plus, our exceptional service team is available around the clock to respond to emergency service needs.

Start Your Rental Today

Black Equipment works to earn the trust of our customers by responding quickly to help maximize your uptime. Contact our team today to explore the forklift and material handling equipment options you need to keep your business running efficiently.