Forklift & Attachment Rental

We rent a wide variety of industrial forklifts and warehouse forklifts from 3,000 to 30,000 lbs. capacity powered by LPG, Diesel and Electric. 

Industrial Forklift Rentals – (often called outside forklifts or industrial lifts) are typically configured as internal combustion engines (ICE’s) using LPG and Diesel. However, some large trucks may also be available with electric power supplemented with hydrogen fuel cells. These lifts are good for heavy loads over rough terrain.

Warehouse Forklift Rentals – (often called inside forklifts or inside lifts) are generally electric or LPG powered with cushioned tires. They come in many configurations and are best suited to operating on smooth level surfaces.

Attachments for Forklift Rentals – Black Equipment can supply your forklift with an extensive variety of attachments. Common agriculture forklift attachments or configuration names are:

  • ‘Round bale’ forklifts
  • ‘Rectangular’ or ‘square bale’ forklifts
  • Cotton trucks  or Cotton bale forklifts
  • Hay bale trucks or Hay bale forklifts
  • Watermelon forklifts
  • Ag lifts

Paper industry include attachments for:

  • Round bales
  • Rectangular/Square bales
  • Round rolls

Other common Rental attachments include:

  • Rotators (where forks rotate to empty things like Gaylord boxes)
  • Clamps
    • Pressure limiters/regulators prevent crushing
    • Good for boxes & products that can’t tolerate too much pressure
  • Slip Sheet
    • For Push/pull forklifts
    • Used for stacking without skids