Food Processing

Reduce Risk and Maximize Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry 

Reducing risk in a food processing facility while also maximizing efficiency requires smart solutions in every part of the process, from receiving raw materials to the production line and beyond. Yale provides solutions that help you keep food safety and traceability in check while meeting guidelines and increasing customer demands.

Food Processing Challenges

Across the food processing industry, four key challenges remain constant:

  • Profitability – With competition and increasing costs surrounding the food processing industry, new standards for efficiency and performance need to be put in place. Automate repetitive tasks, right-size your fleet, and streamline processes with the right tools.
  • Sustainability – Costly lead acid battery maintenance and replacements along with a robust and expensive charging infrastructure can lead to a large carbon footprint and increased water consumption. The right truck technology can help reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs while increasing operating efficiency.
  • Safety – When it comes to food safety you need the right tools to protect your operation from contamination. It is important to abide by regulations, traceability, and temperature control standards to help reduce risk and prevent contamination. Make safety a priority by implementing the right solutions.
  • Workforce Shortages & Safety – Operator discomfort, fatigue, incidents, and unplanned downtime all remain challenges in worker safety expectations and regulated working conditions. Tools with advanced ergonomics help provide relief to workers operating equipment.

High turnover rates and a limited pool of qualified candidates create workplace shortage issues. Redirecting workers to more value-added work and offering advanced training and protection can help increase productivity and reduce turnover.

Find Solutions with Black Equipment

At Black Equipment, we understand the importance of having effective smart solutions to drive the food industry in order to reduce risk and promote productivity. Our team meets the highest standards in the industry by combining technology, experience, and support to provide solutions for food processing.

Walkie Pallet Stackers

Due to its key ergonomic features, the Yale Walkie Pallet Stacker reduces operator fatigue and increases productivity while giving operators the ability to load and unload trailers, feed raw ingredients to product lines, and transport in tight areas. 

Forklift Cushion Tire

Designed for comfort and provides best-in-class energy efficiency. The variety of operator-friendly features help to minimize strain and fatigue while still prioritizing productivity. Reduce maintenance costs, decrease your carbon footprint, and streamline processes with this high-performance fork truck.

End Rider

Boost labor efficiency and throughput in a variety of workflows through industry-exclusive ergonomic enhancements and smart features. The End Rider is designed to increase focus, productivity, and comfort for the operator and encourages safer operation. 

Support When and Where You Need It

Black Equipment does more than just supply equipment. Our customer support is unparalleled. Always prepared to meet your needs quickly, we are a customer-focused, family-owned dealership that can pivot with you to solve any problem.

Our customers can take advantage of our preventative maintenance programs, extensive parts inventory, and even our maintenance technicians to keep fleets up and running with little to no downtime.

We even offer our Premier Fleet service & online portal to keep needed Service and Repair information at your fingertips, 24/7.

Conquer Today’s Top Food Processing Industry Pain Points

Our customer-centered approach is at the heart of our operations. Contact Black Equipment today and let us provide a customized solution for your warehouse.