eCommerce & Retail Fulfillment

Drive Efficiency in Evolving Ecommerce and Retail Environments

Ecommerce and retail companies operate in a state of constant flux. Consumer buying habits and expectations continue to shift dramatically, forcing supply chains to adapt at lightning speed. Shoppers want unlimited product selection, rapid delivery, and seamless omnichannel experiences.

Fulfilling these demands requires sophisticated logistics executed with precision and speed. However, significant challenges stand in the way for warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores.

Several key trends create strain across retail and ecommerce operations:

  • Labor Shortages: Hiring and retention issues lead to dependence on temporary workers with limited training. High turnover also causes accidents and decreased productivity.
  • Faster Fulfillment: Tight delivery windows put immense pressure on distribution and fulfillment centers. Customers expect one- to two-day or faster shipping.
  • Returns Management: Reverse logistics to handle returns are increasingly problematic. Returns range from 10-30% for retail and are over 20% for ecommerce.
  • Seasonal Volatility: Peak seasons, like holidays, create inventory and labor surges that distribution centers must adapt to.

Black Equipment: Material Handling Solutions & Customer-Focused Support

For over 50 years, Black Equipment has helped retail and ecommerce businesses solve their material handling challenges. We’re not only a steady reliable and fair partner, but we’re also nimble. With 10 strategic locations, we have the resources & equipment to adapt when customers find themselves in dire situations. 

Our experienced team has the end-to-end solutions you need in space-planning, specifying fleet assets, transitioning to new workflows, and technology-planning to ensure your eCommerce and retail warehouses run efficiently.

Accelerate Performance with Black Equipment

Ecommerce and omnichannel retail require optimized efficiency to profitably meet consumer expectations. Black Equipment has the comprehensive solutions and expertise in space-planning, specifying fleet assets, and technology-planning to power eCommerce and retail warehouses to new levels of efficiency.

  • Increase throughput with high-velocity order fulfillment and storage equipment.
  • Reduce costs through advanced automation, preventative maintenance, improved uptime, and right-sized fleets.
  • Enhance safety and compliance with operator assist features and access controls.
  • Gain visibility into utilization, workflows, training, and impact events.

Don’t settle for outdated technology or one-size-fits all approaches. Contact Black Equipment today to learn how our consultative solutions can solve your unique needs.