Versatility & Efficiency with Cascade Attachments

Simplifying Material Handling Across Industries

Discover how Cascade’s 75 years of expertise in crafting forklift attachments and implements can help streamline your operations. Black Equipment’s partnership with Cascade brings a suite of products to better adapt your fleet and improve your throughput.

Dedication to Innovation

Cascade’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in their wide range of lift truck attachments, designed to help ensure productivity and customization for a variety of applications. Cascade’s products offer practical solutions to a wide range of material handling challenges.

Versatile Implement Design

Suitable for many types of material handling equipment including electric and internal combustion lift trucks, narrow aisle vehicles, and Automated Guided Vehicles, Cascade products are a smart choice for businesses looking to upgrade their handling capabilities.

Smart Solutions for Competitive Industries

For industries where efficiency is critical, Cascade’s smart attachments offer a way to keep pace with evolving material handling trends.

Black Equipment’s Role in Your Success

We know that buying a new attachment can be worrisome. “Who’ll train us on how to use it?” – “Who’ll keep it maintained?” – “What if it breaks?”

Black Equipment has experience with recommending & installing a wide range of lift truck attachments as well as material handling equipment in general. If you need something unique, we’ll help you get it designed, manufactured, and installed. 

We’ll train your operators how to safely use your new attachments to help protect your products and people.

And our preventative maintenance programs and repair services will keep you up and running.

Your peace of mind is what matters to us. That’s why we continually strive to adapt to your changing material handling needs so you feel comfortable focusing on other priorities.

Tailored to Your Needs

  • Warehousing & Logistics: Enhance your space efficiency and product handling with Cascade attachments that offer precise control and maneuverability, reducing the risk of damage during fast-paced operations.
  • eCommerce & Retail: Use advanced gripping technology that facilitates safe, swift handling of consumer goods without compromising on speed.
  • Building & Construction: Rely on heavy-duty attachments capable of transporting and depositing bulky construction materials with pinpoint accuracy, valuable for maintaining safety and efficiency on the job site.
  • Paper & Packaging: Try our specially designed clamps that gently yet securely handle paper rolls and packaging materials, minimizing damage, and facilitating easy loading and unloading.
  • Chemicals & Plastics: Access a range of attachments crafted for the challenges of the chemical and plastics sectors, including non-sparking materials and designs that minimize the risk of puncturing or tearing containers.
  • Food & Beverage: Choose from food-grade, corrosion-resistant attachments that support cleanliness and precise temperature control, essential for maintaining food safety standards in transportation and storage.
  • Agriculture: Promote efficiency with versatile attachments that can handle bales, pallets, and other agricultural products with ease.

Contact Our Specialists to Learn More

Our team is eager to discuss how we can help you improve your material handling processes. We’ve helped clients with everything from simple hydraulically adjustable forks to fully customized one-off attachments that lift and maneuver 65,000 lb. loads.

Black Equipment also offers attachments from Bolzoni-Auramo for Hyster and Yale.