Docks & Doors

Loading docks and doors can take a beating, especially in high-volume warehousing operations. Black Equipment offers an assortment of premium loading dock services to ensure the smooth, reliable performance of this essential equipment. Our specialized knowledge and well-honed skills enable us to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently. 

Trust Us for Your Loading Dock Installation Needs

Most loading dock door systems consist of these components:

  • Doors: Loading dock doors come in many versions, such as sectional, rollup and swinging, to meet the needs of various material handling environments.
  • Levelers: This piece of equipment serves as a bridge between the building at the door opening and the transport vehicle. It can be mounted at the dock faced or recessed into a pit.
  • Shelters and seals: A shelter protects dock workers from the elements during loading and unloading. Seals close the gap between the door opening and the trailer.
  • Restraints: A vehicle restraint provides stability for the trailer and prevents it from rolling or bouncing during loading and unloading.
  • Bumper pads and guardrails: These devices help prevent damage from vehicle collisions.

When you work with us at Black Equipment, our extensive knowledge of all the dock and door elements enables us to perform a fast, professional installation. Our technicians have experience installing equipment from all the leading brands.

Timely Dock and Door Maintenance

Because of their heavy use, loading dock doors require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to keep them running smoothly. However, tasks like tightening and adjusting spring tension can be dangerous, especially if you are unfamiliar with the appropriate processes. 

Our technicians have the training and experience to execute all preventive maintenance steps for your docks and doors, removing the burden from your shoulders. We can handle everything from routine servicing of springs, hinges, locks and releases to track alignments and roller and cable adjustments. 

Our warehouse door services also include routine inspections as part of a comprehensive maintenance program. We’ll check all essential door components to ensure they are working correctly and are safe to operate. We can also do annual fire door testing to help your business comply with all applicable safety regulations. 

Expert Loading Dock Door Repair Services

Even with regular maintenance, a loading dock door can fail occasionally. Black Equipment can perform all types of repairs, including minor and more extensive jobs. Examples include fixing broken locks, making manual and electric door upgrades, replacing damaged door panels and reconfiguring misaligned tracks. 

We can also correct issues with the loading dock and support equipment. We can repair concrete spall, control joint seals and worn enclosures. Dock levelers can also experience damage, which we can easily correct to ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading. 

At Black Equipment, we recognize that some loading dock or door issues require prompt attention. We respond quickly — typically within 48 hours — ensuring you won’t have to wait long for an essential maintenance or repair service. Our goal is to minimize unproductive downtime so you can maintain your tight material handling schedules and meet your customers’ expectations. 

The Benefits of Choosing Us for Loading Dock Services

Black Equipment is proud to be a service-focused company accountable to our customers, employees, vendors and communities we serve. Since our founding in 1956, we have worked hard to deliver more peace of mind at every touchpoint for businesses that rely on material handling equipment. With our unwavering commitment to around-the-clock support, our customers know they can always count on us. 

We also recognize the importance of staying in touch with our customers to remain responsive to their needs. We survey our customers weekly to attain valuable feedback. You can let us know what we’re doing right and help us identify opportunities for improvement. You can feel confident that we’ll adapt to your material handling business as it evolves over time. Moreover, the staff at the Black Equipment branch near you is ready and willing to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Let Us Meet All Your Loading Dock and Door Needs

Discover why so many material handling companies choose Black Equipment for loading dock and door installation, repairs, maintenance and other service needs. Contact us online for more information or to speak to a representative today.