Mobile Service

Since many of our customers work 2-3 shifts with a huge emphasis on uptime, Black Equipment provides 24hr. Emergency Service at all of our 10 locations. With over 180 factory-certified technicians across 10 locations, you can expect prompt-on-site service.

Mobile On-Site Service is generally for maintenance and repairs that take fewer than 4 hours. For larger repairs, we provide in-house repairs at any of our 10 locations.

Our technicians receive extensive hands-on training on all major equipment makes and models, including:

  • Multi-week onboarding program covering fundamentals
  • Ongoing training from our expert 30+ year veteran trainers
  • Manufacturer specialized courses on particular truck models
  • Daily equipment troubleshooting meetings with peers
  • Available weekly training programs on specific equipment issues

Competitive Maintenance Packages

We offer Maintenance Packages tailored to your facility’s needs, with full transparency into what is covered and expected costs. These include such things as:

  • Preventative maintenance for wear parts like filters, fluids, belts & hoses, tires, brake pads, etc. 
  • Robust maintenance offerings that cover engine, transmission, and power-train
  • Scheduled inspection services
  • Repair coverage options
  • Free Online portal to view maintenance records and costs with Premier Fleet.

Mobile Service Technicians

Black Equipment Co., Inc. has over 180 experienced service technicians dispatched daily to serve our customers’ needs quickly and economically. 

On-site service and parts inventory on our service vehicles allow us to speed up response time and reduce equipment downtime. All of our technicians are equipped and certified to repair all makes and models of material handling and construction equipment.

Planned Maintenance is vital in controlling maintenance costs. Black Equipment offers competitive maintenance packages which are based on manufacturer guidelines that can be tailored to your specific needs. We provide our customers with maintenance reports breaking down where your dollars have been spent. With this information, we’ll help you put together a plan to reduce your overall maintenance costs.

Our Premier Fleet online portal gives you 100% transparency into what’s been serviced and how much has been spent. Fleet maintenance data is automatically entered at each service call and available at your fingertips on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Because our service customers find it so helpful, Premier Fleet is available free to all our service contract customers.

Black Equipment performs preventative maintenance, inspections and repairs on all industrial material handling equipment including: 

  • Forklifts
  • Forklift attachments
  • Burden & personnel carriers
  • Equipment fleets
  • Scissor & boom lifts 
  • Industrial scrubbers & sweepers
  • Industrial batteries & battery chargers
  • Mobile cranes
  • High-speed overhead doors 
  • Fire doors
  • Tires
  • Docks & Doors

Mobile Service Technicians are dispatched daily to conduct scheduled and unscheduled fleet service. Our goal is to be there in 4 hours, but definitely within 24 hours.

Mobile Service Technicians

Resident Service Technicians

Some companies, like distribution centers and manufacturers, have fleets that require nearly constant service. In such cases, you can have a Resident Service Technician assigned to your facility. Resident Technicians learn the needs and schedules of your business. This allows them to better plan work and monitor parts inventories. Their focus is to keep your fleet running as efficiently as possible by performing preventative maintenance work and repairs according to your priorities. For the right facility, this arrangement offers a better labor rate.

Resident techs work at one location and generally for 40hrs/wk. They often develop a protective loyalty to our customers and usually stay on in their position for many years. They become intimately knowledgeable about the customer’s operations, schedule requirements, and priorities. 

They service on-site material handling equipment for a given facility including preventative maintenance and minor repairs of such things as forklifts & forklift attachments, burden carriers, personnel carriers, mobile equipment fleet, scissor lifts, boom lifts, industrial scrubbers & sweepers, batteries, and battery chargers.

In-House Repair & Breakdowns 

Our in-house technicians are highly trained and experienced with all makes and models of material handling equipment. When your repair requires more space, more time, unusual tools, or cranes, we’ll bring it to our shop where we’re equipped to provide top notch service and repairs.

We recommend in-house service when:

  • Major components require rebuild or replacement
  • Specialized disassembly/reassembly is needed
  • Larger service area, lifting tools or shop equipment is needed
  • Hazardous waste handling is necessary
  • Repairs require more time to complete.

Our expert technicians have all the required certifications, service schematics, and tools in-house to complete complex repairs and overhauls. We can also arrange inbound/outbound transport of your equipment.