How often do I need to service my forklift?

What equipment do you service?

Are your technicians trained?

What kind of parts do you use?

How do I request service?

What if I want to speak to someone direct?

Do you guarantee a response time?

How long does it take to get service?

Can Preventative Maintenance (PM) technicians do repairs?

Will I get a field service sheet after Preventative Maintenance (PM) or repairs?

How are service calls prioritized?

How do I know what was serviced or checked on a PM?

What if I want to call in and talk to your service manager about a specific problem I’m having?

What happens if my truck gives me a code?

Who do I contact about a service billing question?

What information do I need to have ready if something seems wrong on my invoice?

You were just out here working on a truck and now it has a new problem. What do I do now?

What if I want a technician out here faster than when you scheduled me?

How are your Maintenance Agreements structured?

What if I only want maintenance once in a while?

What’s Black Equipment’s overall decision-making process?