Space Constraints

Increased on-site inventory requirements are driven by supply chain disruptions that require larger ‘safety’ stock levels due to temporary shifts away from Just-In-Time methods. The need for diverse SKUs, demand growth, and demand fluctuations also pushes manufacturers to optimize existing facilities for storage.

Manufacturers are looking for ways to maximize vertical storage with better racking layouts and narrower aisles for greater storage density. This requires specialized lift trucks like Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Man-Up Turret Trucks and Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks, which navigate tight spaces and reach deeper into shelves. Order Pickers and various Tow Tractors also play a key role in these space-efficient strategies.

Black Equipment offers crucial support in this area, providing services like facility analysis, customized layout and equipment recommendations, ongoing optimization, and project management support for projects such as custom attachment development for specific applications. These solutions address the challenges of staying efficient and productive in manufacturing environments with tight maneuvering restrictions and dense storage.

Operator Retention

A good many factors go into satisfying operators and keeping them. We believe that both Black Equipment and our lift truck vendors Hyster and Yale must work together to help you ensure job satisfaction for your drivers. We want to help you reduce turnover rates and increase your numbers of well-trained and satisfied operators.

Black Equipment begins by listening to your managers & operators to understand your business’ material handling challenges. We observe your processes and apply what we’ve learned from other businesses like yours to improve problematic workflows, recommend more appropriate equipment & attachments, or alert you to mismatches between your equipment’s capabilities and your throughput requirements. 


Black Equipment, in collaboration with Hyster and Yale, offers targeted solutions for Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing. This includes advanced equipment like Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Man-Up Turret Trucks, Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks, and Order Pickers, for the quick movement of materials. Black Equipment also provides customized solutions such as improved racking layouts and a wide variety of other material handling equipment to meet your unique operational needs, including specialized attachments.

Responsive Maintenance and Eco-Friendly Options

To minimize downtime, Black Equipment prioritizes rapid response to breakdowns and offers comprehensive maintenance & repair services. Their network of locations and extensive rental fleet enable swift resolution of issues. Preventative maintenance services are key to reducing unplanned downtime. To address sustainability, they offer energy-efficient electric models from Hyster and Yale, reducing emissions and noise in indoor settings. These models are adaptable for continuous operation with opportunity charging.

Advanced Technologies and Operator Training

Incorporating advanced technologies like Hyster Tracker and Yale Vision telematics & Black Equipment’s exclusive Premier Fleet information portal improves operational efficiency and fleet management. Operator awareness, safety, and efficiency are also improved with training programs and technologies like Hyster Reaction and Yale Reliant. These solutions help keep operators proficient and safe, improving the success of JIT manufacturing methods.

Maximize Technology


Yale Vision and Hyster Tracker, offered by Black Equipment, are specialized telemetry systems for Yale and Hyster material handling equipment. They automate lift truck data collection and transmission, offering real-time insights into equipment usage, improving safety with object detection and safety alerts, and streamlining maintenance with usage-based alerts.

These systems feature digital pre-shift checklists, ensuring OSHA compliance and replacing paper records. This simplifies compliance procedures and supports eco-friendly practices.

These telemetry solutions optimize asset usage, reduce operating costs through proactive maintenance, and improve energy management in electric models. Safety features and compliance monitoring create a safer work environment, while the ability to make data-driven decisions improves overall operational effectiveness. Adopting these technologies allows manufacturers to improve efficiency, safety, and accountability in their material handling operations.


Innovative Safety and Efficiency in Material Handling

Hyster Reaction and Yale Reliant, offered through Black Equipment, are advanced Operator Assist Systems (OAS) designed to significantly improve safety and efficiency in material handling operations. These systems integrate cutting-edge technologies like Lidar for object detection and ultra-wideband technology for detecting unexpected objects and tagged personnel & equipment. Reaction and Reliant OAS trigger automatic safety measures such as speed reduction and hydraulic adjustment to help prevent collisions and maintain a safer work environment.

Pre-defined areas like pedestrian no-go-zones are mapped into the system and Real-Time Location Sensing (RTLS)  enable equipped lift trucks to automatically avoid such areas or reduce speed in other similar areas of caution. 

The systems prevent lifting beyond truck capacity and dynamically adjust for load & speed stability. These features help operators maintain situational awareness, adhere to safety protocols, and safeguard personnel, infrastructure, and products.

Long-Term Benefits

Adaptable across various sectors like warehousing, manufacturing, and retail, Hyster Reaction and Yale Reliant excel in environments with high activity levels, unusual load configurations, and dense spaces. 

The technology’s advanced detection capabilities and proximity alerts, including vibrating badges for nearby personnel, extend safety benefits beyond the operators. These systems not only improve immediate operational safety but also offer long-term benefits such as enhanced productivity and operator satisfaction.

To learn more, contact Black Equipment to discover how Hyster Reaction or Yale Reliant OAS can enhance your manufacturing operations.


DSS is a straightforward, maintenance-free technology designed to maintain the stability of Hyster A Series and Yale N Series forklifts. It operates by physically limiting the truck’s ability to engage in potentially unstable actions, such as excessive tilting or speeding around corners. This system helps prevent tip-overs and other stability-related accidents by ensuring the forklift operates within safe operational parameters, thereby protecting operators and infrastructure in warehouse and manufacturing environments.

The Dynamic Stability System (DSS) is a maintenance-free system designed to automatically enhance safety in material handling operations.

DSS doesn’t actively monitor or control the truck like an intelligent system but works by physically limiting the truck’s ability to perform potentially unstable actions. It helps maintain stability during operations, particularly when turning, lifting at high heights, or operating on uneven surfaces.

Safety Features:
The system includes lateral forklift stability, high-lift traction control, and high-lift tilt control. These features automatically limit the truck’s speed and control tilt functions based on the load’s height, providing visual and audible alerts to the operator.

DSS is particularly beneficial in warehouse and manufacturing environments, where it helps prevent tip-overs and enhances overall safety during material handling tasks.


Innovative Robotic Solutions for Efficiency and Safety

Hyster and Yale are leading the way in industrial material handling with their advanced robotic solutions, addressing challenges like labor shortages and the high cost of human error in warehousing and manufacturing. 

Their robotic lift trucks automate repetitive tasks, reduce physical strain on workers, and minimize goods damage. Key features include Geo-guidance lasers, obstacle detection systems, and dual operating modes for seamless transition between autonomous and manual control. This integration of technology not only streamlines workflows but also offers flexibility and significant cost savings by mitigating risks associated with manual labor.

Cost-Effective, Flexible Automation with Easy Integration

Hyster and Yale robotic vehicles stand out for their no-infrastructure navigation and real-time localization, allowing for easy integration into existing warehouse layouts without costly modifications. 

These robots are designed to work alongside human operators, enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in tasks like inventory management and long traverses. 

With the ability to integrate with existing warehouse management systems, these robotic solutions offer improved inventory accuracy and task optimization. 

Implementing Hyster and Yale robotic solutions represents a strategic move towards modernizing operations, reducing costs, and improving efficiency in material handling and distribution centers. 

Contact Black Equipment to explore how robotic material handling can revolutionize your operations.

Motive Power

Hyster Power CellectTM and Yale Power KeyTM   

Hyster and Yale, supported by Black Equipment, offer versatile motive power options for warehousing and manufacturing. Hyster & Yale Class 1, 2, & 3 forklifts feature the Hyster Power CellectTM and Yale Power KeyTM  software, which enable easy switching between power sources like Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Lead-Acid, Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL), and Lithium-ion. This adaptability is ideal for mixed fleets and varying operational needs.

Additionally, Black Equipment provides advanced Lithium-ion batteries, known for their reliability and productivity, and hydrogen fuel cell solutions that offer quick refueling and consistent power. These options support continuous operations and reduced maintenance needs and are part of Black Equipment’s comprehensive offerings that help ensure efficient power management options in your operations.

Black Equipment Service

Black Equipment provides a wide array of Services to support operational needs in manufacturing, warehousing, and other industries. These include:

  • Inspections
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Repairs for all types of material handling equipment
  • Installations, and 
  • Training. 

Leveraging the collective expertise of their service professionals, Black Equipment ensures rapid problem-solving and efficient service delivery.

Specialized Services and Training Programs

Black Equipment’s service extends beyond general maintenance to specialized areas like: 

  • Tire sales and service
    Mobile tire service offers on-site replacement and inspection, while 
  • On-site battery services
    Battery services include watering, washing, and load testing
  • Docks and doors maintenance
    Installation, routine servicing, and safety inspections. 
  • Training
    Comprehensive forklift operator training and Train-the-Trainer programs, ensuring compliance with OSHA regulations and enhancing safety. These training courses cover safe operations with a blend of classroom and hands-on instruction.

Our Services and business style are designed to help maximize your efficiency, prevent breakdowns, and minimize your downtime.

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