Health & Pharma

Promote Productivity and Efficiency in the Health & Pharma Industry 

Speed, quality, and efficiency remain priorities for distributing the products that patients rely on to live comfortably in everyday life. Yale has reliable and advanced technology solutions to reduce accidents, boost awareness, and increase throughput in your manufacturing or distribution center.

Health & Pharma Challenges

Across the health and pharma industry, four key challenges remain constant:

  • Productivity  – Productivity can be greatly affected by charging downtime and battery maintenance downtime, halting the distribution process, and running up costs. Having trucks that are designed to run at peak performance, productivity, and uptime will increase overall performance and productivity.
  • Efficiency – Space constraints and congestion can create an environment that is inefficient, leading to a costly capital expense. This can be due to the growing numbers of products and diverse packaging types causing a need to expand. Gain operator confidence and the stability you need to expand and reach higher spaces.
  • Safety – Operator and pedestrian incidents result in injuries, product loss, operational downtown, violations, and OSHA fines. Enhance picking accuracy and transport efficiency, provide greater obstacle and pedestrian detection, limit product touches and human error, and improve retention by promoting skilled labor to more engaging roles to increase overall safety and decrease turnover.
  • Fulfillment Expectations  – In this industry remaining innovative, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency are essential. The right trucks will reduce cycle times while boosting efficiency and throughput, achieving next-level performance. 

Find Solutions with Black Equipment

Black Equipment is a leader in the health and pharma industry and remains invested in the people we serve through our equipment, training, and technology. With 10 locations covering parts of 7 states, we are equipped to provide solutions to your challenges and drive positive change.

Reach Trucks

Increase productivity as much as 7% per truck/shift and use up to 20% less energy for greater battery uptime. Precise control with increased through-the-mast visibility with automotive steering in both directions provides safety and efficiency benefits for operators. Premium ergonomics also help to alleviate common operator issues.

End Riders

Exclusive performance and premium ergonomics make our End Riders the ideal choice for receiving, picking, and shipping. Smart features increase efficiency by shaving seconds off tasks and the use of Precision Pick allows control of speed and cost functions in both directions. Service is faster and as much as 50% less often, resulting in reduced downtime. 

Very Narrow Aisle Turret Truck

Black Equipment has Turret Trucks capable of operating in aisles as narrow as 56” with picking heights up to 622” high, helping to increase cube utilization. Precise operation at height and increased lateral stability and operator confidence is possible using optimum through-the-mast visibility and a rigid mast. Simple and smart operation elements result in better guidance, access, and control to combat space constraints. 

Support When and Where You Need It

Black Equipment does more than just supply equipment. Our customer support is unparalleled. Always prepared to meet your needs quickly, we are a customer-focused, family-owned dealership that can pivot with you to solve any problem.

Our customers can take advantage of our preventative maintenance programs, extensive parts inventory, and even our maintenance technicians to keep fleets up and running with little to no downtime.

We even offer our Premier Fleet service & online portal to keep needed Service and Repair information at your fingertips, 24/7.

Conquer Today’s Top Health & Pharma Industry Pain Points

Our customer-centered approach is at the heart of our operations. Contact Black Equipment today and let us provide a customized solution for your warehouse.