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At Black Equipment, we pride ourselves on supplying a comprehensive range of material handling and construction equipment tailored to meet the diverse needs of various industries. With a robust inventory of Yale & Hyster lift trucks, JCB construction machinery, and a plethora of other material handling solutions, we’re equipped to enhance operational efficiency across multiple sectors. 

Since 1956, our commitment to excellence has been unwavering, offering new and used equipment, rentals, and a full spectrum of parts and services for all makes and models. 

Our ten strategically located facilities are poised to deliver mobile tire services, preventative maintenance agreements, in-house and on-site repairs, all facilitated by certified technicians. 

We understand the critical nature of equipment uptime and offer 24-hour emergency services to swiftly address any issues that may impede productivity. Catering to the industries served by both Hyster and Yale lift trucks, as well as construction companies requiring JCB's robust equipment, we are your trusted partner in driving business forward.



Space Constraints Increased on-site inventory requirements are driven by supply chain disruptions that require larger ‘safety’ stock levels ...


Increase Throughput and Optimize Processes in the Trucking Industry Industry trends such as increasing costs, carrier consolidation, and ...

Ports and Terminals

Increase Safety and Compliance at Ports and Terminals Overcapacity, workforce shortages, increasing requirements, and augmented expectations from employees, ...

Metal Manufacturing

Reliable Equipment for the Metal Manufacturing Industry Metal manufacturing faces tough challenges from harsh environments, unreliable equipment, safety, ...


Tough, Reliable Solutions for the Lumber Industry Safety and intralogistics remain the top priorities for companies in the ...

Paper, Packaging, and Recycling

Supporting Solutions for the Paper, Packaging, and Recycling Industry  Sustainability is at the heart of the paper industry, ...

Chemicals and Plastics

Critical Challenges for Chemicals and Plastics Industries Manufacturing doesn’t slow down for volatile materials requiring special handling. The ...


JCB Construction Equipment for the Construction Industry Black Equipment is a long-established provider of JCB construction equipment, catering ...

Warehousing, Distribution and 3PLs

Optimizing Efficiency and Productivity in Warehousing, Distribution Centers and 3PLs Warehouses, distribution centers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers ...


Acceleration of Assembly in Auto and Transport Manufacturing Safety, efficiency, and speed are top priorities for manufacturers specializing ...


Increase Productivity and Safety in the Agriculture Industry  Demands for the agriculture industry are growing rapidly and require ...

Food Processing

Reduce Risk and Maximize Efficiency in the Food Processing Industry  Reducing risk in a food processing facility while ...

Health & Pharma

Promote Productivity and Efficiency in the Health & Pharma Industry  Speed, quality, and efficiency remain priorities for distributing ...


Promote Safety and Efficiency in the Beverage Industry Safety and intralogistics remain the top priorities for companies in ...

E-Commerce and Retail Fulfillment

By transforming the customer experience into one of extreme convenience, e-commerce has dramatically altered the retail landscape. Revolutionary ...

Industries Served by Yale

E-commerce & Retail Fulfillment

Yale's material handling equipment is engineered for the changing demands of e-commerce and retail fulfillment. Their reach truck, end rider, and walkie pallet truck designs are guided by the needs of high-efficiency operations to support swift and accurate order processing.

The Yale’s NR/NDR-DC/EC series reach trucks offer agility and speed in areas of high-density storage, optimizing space and enhancing retrieval operations. These trucks excel in tight aisles and at high elevations.

For rapid pallet transport, Yale's end riders provide a sturdy and efficient solution, ideal for dock-to-stock tasks. They prioritize operator comfort and handling efficiency, leading to quicker turnaround times in the fulfillment workflow.

Yale's walkie pallet trucks, including the MPE060-080VH and MPB045-VH models, deliver ergonomic handling for short-distance goods transport. Known for their robust user-friendly operation, they contribute to operator job satisfaction with a productive and fatigue-free work environment.

Food Distribution & Cold Storage

In the food distribution and cold storage sector, Yale provides equipment engineered to withstand the rigors of temperature-controlled environments. Yale lift trucks are built with features that help maintain performance even in extreme conditions, ensuring that perishable goods are handled with care and efficiency.


Yale understands the unique challenges of the beverage industry, offering lift trucks that are adept at handling heavy loads and high throughput. Their equipment is designed to optimize space utilization and maneuverability, ensuring that beverage distributors can rely on Yale for their material handling needs.

Health & Pharma

The health and pharmaceutical industry demands precision and cleanliness, and Yale's material handling solutions are up to the task. With lift trucks that facilitate contamination control and enhance safety, Yale supports the critical operations of healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

3PL – Third Party Logistics

For third-party logistics providers, Yale offers versatile and scalable material handling equipment that supports the multifaceted requirements of logistics operations. Yale's lift trucks are designed to boost productivity and adapt to the varying needs of 3PL services.

Food Processing

Yale's material handling solutions for the food processing industry help ensure that operations run smoothly and hygienically. Their lift trucks are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, supporting the industry's need for sanitary handling of food products.

Industries Served by Hyster

Ports & Terminals

Hyster provides hardy equipment solutions for the demanding environments of ports and terminals. Their heavy-duty lift trucks and container handlers are engineered to deliver high performance and durability, helping to keep port operations running smoothly.

General Manufacturing

In the general manufacturing sector, Hyster offers a range of lift trucks that support the diverse needs of manufacturers. Their equipment is designed to enhance productivity and safety in the manufacturing environment.


For the trucking industry, Hyster's material handling solutions are geared towards efficiency and reliability. Their lift trucks help ensure that loading and unloading operations are carried out swiftly and safely.


The metals industry requires equipment that can handle heavy and rugged loads, and Hyster's lift trucks are built to meet these challenges. With a tough design and powerful performance, Hyster supports the demands of operations in the metals sector.


Hyster's agricultural material handling solutions are designed to support the sector's unique requirements. Their lift trucks are engineered to perform in various agricultural settings, enhancing productivity and handling capabilities.


In the lumber industry, Hyster offers material handling equipment that’s capable of managing the heavy and irregular loads common in this market. Their lift trucks are designed for strength and reliability, ensuring that lumber operations can proceed with confidence.

Chemicals & Plastics

Hyster understands the stringent requirements of the chemicals and plastics industry, providing lift trucks that help ensure safe and efficient handling of sensitive materials.

Paper & Packaging

For the paper and packaging sector, Hyster's material handling solutions are designed to handle high volume and rapid turnover demands. Their lift trucks are built to support the continuous flow of materials in these environments.

Auto and Transportation Manufacturing

Hyster's material handling equipment serves the auto and transportation manufacturing industry with solutions that enhance efficiency and support the assembly line process.

Building Materials

The building materials industry relies on Hyster's durable lift trucks to handle the heavy and often abrasive materials used in construction.

Equipment Rental Companies

Hyster provides a range of lift trucks that are ideal for equipment rental companies, offering versatility and reliability for a variety of material handling tasks.

Industries Served by JCB

Construction Industry

For the construction industry, particularly small to mid-sized operations, JCB stands out with a versatile range of equipment that is both powerful and agile. JCB's construction machinery is tailored for the nuanced needs construction firms that require reliability, efficiency, and ease of use of equipment sized for their needs.

JCB's offerings include such equipment types as backhoe loaders, compact excavators, telescopic handlers, and wheel loaders, each designed for optimal performance, comfort, visibility, and maneuverability. 

Their machines are known for their innovative features, such as the 1CX Backhoe Loader or the 3TS-8T Teleskid, which combine compact dimensions with exceptional versatility, allowing for a variety of tasks to be completed with a single piece of equipment.

Understanding the diverse challenges of your construction projects, JCB equipment is engineered to provide the perfect balance of power and precision. Whether you're excavating, landscaping, or handling materials, JCB provides a solution to help keep projects on track and within budget.

For construction companies looking to push the boundaries of efficiency and performance, JCB's construction equipment is a game-changer.