Paper, Packaging, and Recycling

Supporting Solutions for the Paper, Packaging, and Recycling Industry 

Sustainability is at the heart of the paper industry, investing in the process from end to end. With increasing demand for paper and packaging materials, this sustainability coupled with reduced emissions enables the paper industry to lower its overall environmental impact. Cost savings from right-sizing fleets and preventing product damage are possible with custom options to meet the needs of each unique segment in paper, packaging, and recycling.

Paper, Packaging, and Recycling Obstacles 

Whether your plant recycles, creates, or converts paper or pulp, these challenges persist:

  • Plant Safety – Protecting employees in fast-moving and difficult environments requires not only extensive training, but the right equipment to do the job safely. Providing workers with the skills and tools they need to make it easier to avoid downtime and injury. New technology creates opportunities to automate processes and take a closer look at how to improve plant safety.
  • Skilled Labor Retention – Workforce turnover is a challenge for both safety and productivity. The costs associated with training new hires, and the potential for accidents, make employee retention a critical focus for those in the paper and packaging industry. 
  • Sustainability – Reducing emissions in manufacturing is good for the environment, great for adhering to government regulations, and excellent for improving tight budgets and tighter margins. Utilizing greener choices, like lithium batteries, provides longer-lasting equipment that minimizes waste and pollution.
  • Extreme Environments – Acute temperatures that push equipment to the limit, as well as particle debris from manufacturing, presents additional challenges for safe and productive management of warehouse and plant floors. Selecting equipment to mitigate these issues helps to prevent downtime, increases productivity, and lowers costs.

Black Equipment Fosters Innovation

Black Equipment has been an established and trusted partner in finding solutions for manufacturers for over 50 years. Our 10 locations are ready to provide tools and resources for innovation and discovery of the latest technologies supporting safety and productivity. 

Order Picker

Make the best of the space available using equipment to assist with vertical storage or tight warehouse turns. This reliable option keeps the cost of ownership minimal, and productivity maximal.

4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Pneumatic Tire

Indoors or outdoors, this truck is a sustainable choice to move heavy loads using zero emissions with ICE-like performance. The integrated counterbalance technology makes this truck a suitable choice for the most challenging jobs.

Reach Trucks

Minimize downtown and increase productivity by selecting a model that meets the specific needs of your warehouse. A lower cost of operation paired with ergonomic comfort makes this reach truck a strategic addition to your fleet.

Support When and Where You Need It

Black Equipment does more than just supply equipment. Our customer support is unparalleled. Always prepared to meet your needs quickly, we are a customer-focused, family-owned dealership that can pivot with you to solve any problem.

Our customers can take advantage of our preventative maintenance programs, extensive parts inventory, and even our maintenance technicians to keep fleets up and running with little to no downtime.

We even offer our Premier Fleet service & online portal to keep needed Service and Repair information at your fingertips, 24/7.

Solving Pain Points in the Paper, Packaging, and Recycling Sector

Our customer-centered approach is at the heart of our operations. Contact Black Equipment today and let us provide a customized solution for your warehouse.