Troubleshoot My Problem

We understand that lift trucks are complex pieces of machinery, and occasionally issues can arise that bewilder even the most experienced operators. From rapid tire wear to loss of power at crucial moments, problematic equipment can seriously impact productivity.

Leveraging decades of hands-on experience with all major forklift brands, our consultants can provide comprehensive troubleshooting to get to the bottom of your truck’s troubles. 

As a simple example, a customer recently found themselves with premature tire wear on their 3-wheel lifts. Upon analysis, we discovered operators were making long empty return runs after dropping off their loads, which placed full counterweight pressure on a single rear tire. We’ve seen many problems like this over the years. 

Rather than fight frustrating equipment problems on your own, trust Black Equipment’s professionals to help you troubleshoot root causes through examination of real-world usage data, mechanical inspection, workflow analysis, and operator interviews. We don’t give up easily when machinery acts up unexpectedly. Our priority is restoring smooth, reliable equipment functionality customized for your facility’s environment and workflows. 

If your lift trucks have you puzzled, contact our team today to diagnose and resolve confounding truck troubles once and for all.