Operator Retention

Better Operator Retention with Black Equipment

A good many factors go into satisfying operators and keeping them. We believe that both Black Equipment and our lift truck vendors Hyster and Yale must work together to help you ensure job satisfaction for your drivers. We want to help you reduce turnover rates and increase your numbers of well-trained and satisfied operators.

Black Equipment begins by listening to your managers & operators to understand your business’ material handling challenges. We observe your processes and apply what we’ve learned from other businesses like yours to improve problematic workflows, recommend more appropriate equipment & attachments, or alert you to mismatches between your equipment’s capabilities and your throughput requirements. 

Our experts may recommend changes to traffic patterns, different trucks for different traverses, robotics for tedious jobs, or better-fit truck models that’ll improve efficiency and reduce operator fatigue and frustration. 

We know that optimized equipment and streamlined workflows improve job satisfaction and keep operators safer, but there’s still more that goes into operator retention.

Our commitment to your operator retention problem is also reflected in our partnership with industry leaders Hyster and Yale, and their advanced suite of truck technologies like telemetry systems, operator assist systems, dynamic stability systems, comfort, and operator-influenced ergonomic designs found in our lift truck offerings.

Comprehensive Telemetry: Yale Vision and Hyster Tracker

Yale Vision and Hyster Tracker offer predictive maintenance alerts, advanced object detection capabilities, and detailed reporting, all of which contribute to a culture of accountability and efficiency. By equipping your lift trucks with these tools, you’re not only optimizing performance but also creating a work environment that operators are eager to remain a part of.

Dynamic Stability System (DSS)

The Dynamic Stability System (DSS) integrated into Hyster A-Series and Yale N-Series forklifts actively monitors and adjusts the truck’s stability in real-time. This intelligent, maintenance-free system contributes to a safer working environment by reducing the risk of accidents and potential damage to goods, which in turn, supports operator confidence and job satisfaction.

Operator Assist Systems: Hyster Reaction and Yale Reliant

Hyster Reaction and Yale Reliant enhance lift truck operations by providing real-time environmental awareness and proactive hazard detection – but that’s just the beginning. 

These systems offer awareness and automatic adjustments to lift truck performance and hydraulics in response to unexpected objects in the direction of travel, people or equipment equipped with ultra-wide band badges in proximity to the truck, and pre-mapped exclusion areas where people or infrastructure must be protected. 

These systems help promote operator awareness, and a safer, more efficient & productive material handling environment, which is crucial for operator retention.

Prioritizing Comfort and Ergonomic Design

Recognizing the direct impact of operator comfort & ease-of-use on retention and productivity, Hyster and Yale lift trucks are engineered to reduce fatigue and physical stress. Features like ergonomic controls, ample cabin space, and personalized comfort settings make for a more comfortable work environment and jobs that are easier to perform well.

Operator Retention Requires the Whole Package

We believe that our years of experience with businesses like yours and the industry-leading technologies in Hyster and Yale lift trucks offer your best opportunity for operator retention.