Preventative Maintenance & Repair

Keep Your Material Handling Equipment Running Smoothly

Black Equipment is a family-owned dealership with 10 locations. We’re nimble and respond quickly to keep our customers up and running – and because uptime is so important to our customers, we prioritize those with breakdowns.

We provide new & used material handling & construction equipment, but we also offer preventative maintenance service and repairs for all makes and models in your fleet.

Black Equipment has been selling and servicing material handling equipment for nearly 70 years, but what really makes us different when it comes to servicing and repairing your equipment?

Company-Wide Expertise by Formally Sharing Experience, Daily

To maximize the broad experience of over 180 technicians in 10 branch locations, our Sr. VP of Operations conducts a service review meeting every morning with the Operations Managers and Service Managers from all locations.

In these daily meetings with over 60 participants, we communicate problems and solutions so everyone benefits from the knowledge and experience of everyone else throughout the company. The solution to a tricky issue experienced by a technician in one location is quickly communicated by a technician in another location who has encountered and remedied it before.

This shared expertise helps projects move quickly without the need to re-invent the wheel over and over. Even those not experiencing the problem are now aware of it and prepared.

Preventative Maintenance

Once you own four or more fleet vehicles, it becomes difficult to keep them properly maintained. That’s not merely due to the volume of work needed, but because it’s difficult to keep parts inventoried, track what’s been done on which units, and keep up with manufacturer updates.

Black Equipment is happy to provide on-site preventative maintenance for any of our customers, even those with a single piece of equipment. However, customers with fleets regularly rely on us to manage the day-to-day details of keeping all their equipment maintained so they can concentrate on their business.

Preventative Maintenance Typically Covers:

  • Replacement of wear parts per manufacturer recommendations (belts, hoses, brake pads, hydraulic components, etc.)
  • Consumables (oil, fluids, coolant, grease, filters, etc.)
  • Manufacturer recommended updates (parts not included)
  • Tune-ups
  • Inspections, and
  • Warnings about potential problems so work can be scheduled.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance:

  • Avoid unexpected downtime and expensive emergency repairs
  • Maximize equipment lifespan
  • Enhanced safety and compliance
  • Increase operator productivity and fleet uptime
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs and lifetime ownership costs

Repair Capabilities

Black Equipment offers on-site repair service for minor issues that don’t require a long time to finish, specialized tools, or that won’t hamper the efficiency of your workflow.

However, for bigger more involved repairs, we bring your equipment to any of our 10 branches and conduct repairs there. This is common when we require access to multiple parts, a more extensive working area, cranes with greater lifting capabilities, and access to specialized equipment.

Here, we work on such things as engine breakdowns, drivetrain problems, electrical & computer issues, and extensive hydraulic repairs. 

Certified and experienced technicians are on-hand for all makes and models of material handling equipment repairs

Premier Fleet – 100% Transparency for Preventative Maintenance & Repair Work

We want our regular maintenance customers to have access to data about the work and cost of everything we do for every truck in their fleet. That’s why we offer customers with Service Agreements Premier Fleet at no cost. 

Premiere Fleet is an online tool that gives you instant access to the complete history and cost data for all the work we do on your fleet.

Work data and invoice information is automatically entered and available.

Your account manager helps set up and customize Premier Fleet according to your operation’s way of doing business, and helps you interpret opportunities and red flags you should be aware of in your data.

Other Maintenance Services

We discovered a long time ago that customers needed additional services that weren’t commonly covered, so we added them.

  • Mobile Tire Service – We’ll inspect and press new tread on worn and dangerous tires at your facility.
  • Battery, Battery Charger, and Battery Changing Station Service –  We can do everything from washing batteries and repairing your chargers, to setting up and maintaining your Battery Changing Stations.

CONTACT US to Request a Quote for a customizable maintenance plan or Schedule an on-site assessment by one of our experts.