Problem Solving

Surveys and Assessments

Material handling improvements start fully understanding your current assets and processes. Our experts can provide surveys and assessments to get you where you want to be.

When analyzing existing problems or looking for new efficiencies, our experts can analyze things like tire wear and traffic flow to help you understand wasteful use patterns and mismatched equipment for your application. They can also use the information they gather to make suggestions to help you lower operating costs, maximize through-put, and right-size your fleet.

Design Assistance

Your facility layout, storage design, inventory flow and processes impact what material handling equipment works best. But you must also factor in equipment capabilities, technologies, and accessories.

Our experts can advise you on the ideal equipment and latest innovations for your needs, such as:

  • Very narrow aisle reach trucks and turret trucks for space savings
  • Swing-reach and extended-fork trucks for narrow aisles
  • Order pickers for picking at height
  • Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) for hands-free horizontal transport
  • Fleet management telematics for monitoring usage
  • Object detection systems to alert operators
  • Stability enhancement and smooth acceleration/braking to prevent tip-overs
  • Facility and proximity awareness coupled with automatic adjusted engine & hydraulics performance to enhance safety.

We stay up to date on the newest truck features and accessories to boost your productivity and safety. Put our knowledge to work for you by planning and spec’ing your material handling needs.

Project Management

When you need something special that doesn’t exist, for example a special attachment, the solution may involve the input and expertise of multiple experts. In cases like this, Black Equipment brings in the outside expertise needed to design, manufacture, and implement your solution.

For larger equipment installations or specialized solutions, we provide complete project management. This includes:

  • Defining project requirements and deliverables
  • Creating a detailed project timeline and schedule
  • Coordinating with our partner vendors as needed
  • Overseeing equipment delivery and setup
  • Managing installation labor and logistics
  • Conducting safety and performance testing
  • Providing training and maintenance planning
  • Handling permits, inspections and documentation

Whether you need a custom attachment designed or a fleet-wide telematics rollout, we’ll oversee the project from end-to-end. This ensures on-time, on-budget implementation with minimal disruption to your operations.