3CX 14 Super

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In short, we’ve applied innovative technologies to squeeze the absolute maximum out of every drop of fuel on the JCB 3CX 14 Super. The result? During typical road travel, loading, excavating and idle cycles, the 3CX 14 Super JCB backhoe loader, equipped with a powerful 91 hp (68 kW) EcoMax engine, delivers an average fuel saving of up to 16%, plus lower emissions and noise levels. And, with extended periods between fill ups, you benefit from a longer, more productive work day. But the efficiency (and other) benefits certainly don’t end there on a JCB 3CX 14 Super.


Manufacturer: JCB
Model(s): 3CX 14 Super



Gross Engine Power: 91/109 hp, 68/81 kW Gross
Peak Torque: 320/381 lbf, 433/516 Nm Peak


Operating Weight: 17,100 lbs, 7,757 kg


  • A new high output variable flow pump reduces the JCB 3CX 14 Super’s cycle times, saves fuel and, on manual backhoes, a lighter lever results in easier control. Our new improved Powerslide features a larger hydraulic ram, which produces more power to quickly and effortlessly reposition the backhoe loader’s excavator end. There’s more tractive effort at the 3CX 14 Super’s pile than ever, thanks to a new variable flow pump power management system and the new JCB EcoMax engine. The 3CX’s 4-ram self-leveling loader automatically adjusts the shovel on both the raise and lower cycles Without any need for manual adjustment. It also provides unhindered front bucket visibility, especially when loading at height. The optional combined hammer and bi-directional circuit provides optimized low-flow and high-flow hydraulic power with low back pressure for great attachment versatility. JCB’s new hydraulic quickhitch makes attachment changes on the 3CX 14 Super quick, safe and compliant with current and future legislation . EcoDig is a Standard-fit three-pump hydraulic system that provides high hydraulic flow and pressure at low engine Speeds for improved fuel economy, reduced carbon emissions, lower engine wear, and extended refueling intervals. Hydraulic Speed Control (HSC) automatically disconnects the first hydraulic pump when the JCB 3CX 14 Super is in fourth gear. This reduces fuel consumption even further.
  • Getting into a JCB 3CX 14 Super is easy and safe – there are large grab handles, a wide door Opening, and open grid design steps that prevent dirt build-up. Our new unique integral bucket street pads option prevents ground damage from your 3CX 14 Super and, therefore, costly repairs. Power brakes allow efficient, safe stopping power with low pedal effort. New rear light guards provide extra protection for your 3CX backhoe on site.
  • JCB 3CX 14 SuperEco axles and transmission are designed to withstand a 12,000-hour design life; heavyWeight axles are built to withstand serious shock loads. The rear axle alone has a static load rating of 55,125 lbs (25,011 kg), and a dynamic load rating of 27,562 lbs (12,505 kg). We use stress-relieved fabrication for the 3CX 14 Super’s boom – by heating materials to over 1202 degrees F (650 degrees C) for over 16 hours. We make sure the metal is evenly heated, doubling boom life. The 3CX 14 SuperEco’s pre-production testing regime included 100,000 loading cycles, 500,000 excavating cycles, 360,000 gear change cycles, extensive bump track testing to ensure structural integrity, and thousands of hours of endurance testing. We also carried out extensive EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing on the 3CX 14 Super; this ensures that signals from cell phones and radios don’t affect the machine in any way. Every new JCB 3CX 14 Super is put through around 600 performance checks on the production line. Our construction materials are tested to the limit by exposing them to extreme temperatures, chemicals, salt, oil and light. That way, we know they’ll survive the most hostile conditions. For rigidity and hose protection, there are flat plate D-pressing loader arms on the JCB 3CX 14 Super. The robot welded single-piece chassis on the 3CX 14 Super maximizes strength and minimizes Weight. Hydraulic hoses are approved to work down to -8°F (-40°C) and all JCB 3CX 14 Super materials are tested to extreme temperatures and exposed to chemicals, salt, oil and sunlight to ensure maximum protection.
  • The 3CX 14 Super’s new EcoMax engine is designed, tested and built by JCB to work perfectly with JCB axles and gearboxes. T4 compliant EcoMax produces power and torque at around 1,500 rpm for responsiveness and fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics. Because EcoMax doesn’t use exhaust after-treatment, it doesn’t need costly heat-resistant lube oils or DEF, saving servicing costs. And, because EcoMax can be adapted to run on lower-grade fuels, backhoes can be de-emmissionized for resale across different territories, which boosts residual values. The JCB 3CX 14 Super engine is field proven. We’ve built 200,000 engines since 2004, and we’ve tested EcoMax for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments. For ultimate loading performance, productivity and road travel efficiency, the JCB 3CX’s EcoMax engine delivers as much as 91 hp (68 kW) and 320 lbf (433 Nm) of torque. JCB’s unique TorqueLock system is Standard-fit on all 91 hp (68 kW) powershift 3CX 14 Supermodels. Combined with our optional 6-Speed Autoshift transmission, it can help save up to 25% on fuel and 10% on road travel time. An optional limited slip differential gives a JCB 3CX 14 Super superior traction and performance, as well as reduced tire wear. The 3CX 14 Super JCB backhoe loader is fit with EcoRoad technology to provide high efficiency and productivity levels during road travel. Fuel consumption is reduced, while machine Speed and working areas are increased by up to 10%.
  • The JCB 3CX 14 Super is designed to enable fatigue-free, productive day-long working. The cab is rubber-mounted and isolated for low noise and vibration. A JCB 3CX 14 Super Eco cab is inspired by the automotive industry for familiarity. A heated air suspension seat and heated front windshield are just some of the quality features you will find in this state-of-the-art cab. Ergonomic seat-mounted excavator-style controls – with optional excavator-style backhoe and loader servo controls – provide fingertip control, great comfort and excellent maneuverability. For more comfort and less material spillage, the 3CX 14 Super’s Smoothride System (SRS) minimizes bounce during travel. You can quickly reset your bucket to the digging position with our return-to-dig feature too. High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag during roading and re-handling, which improves economy by up to 1%. The optional handheld tool circuit means you can increase versatility by using your 3CX 14 Super as a power source for handheld tools, such as drills, breakers, cutters and even water pumps. JCB 3CX 14 Super backhoe loader is a quiet place to work, both inside and out – particularly the 91 hp (68 kW) models, which are the quietest in the industry. Controls on the 3CX 14 Super feature an LCD panel detailing machine hours, service information, fuel level and system warnings. A 360° view through tinted windows aids comfort, productivity and safety. Our innovative scoop design, one-piece rear windshield allows JCB 3CX operators to see right into the trench when excavating.



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