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Join the leaders in electric innovation and start Operating the construction equipment of the future, today. JCB’s pioneering 1 tonne electric dumper is part of the JCB E-TECH range with zero emissions, less noise and zero compromise on performance.


Manufacturer: JCB


Payload: 2,205 lbs
Turning Radius: 8' 10”


Engine Power: 9 hp


Operating Weight: 3,582 lbs


  • All-steel body panels ensure maximum machine durability, while maintenance is low cost and straightforward.
  • Allows for ‘out-of-hours’ working, to maximise time on site and Speed up the job.
  • Built to last
  • Compact design enables the machine to work in confined areas.
  • Less machine noise means better communication between co-workers.
  • Low noise
  • Orange and green led beacons alert pedestrians to the machine’s presence.
  • Pair with the 19c-1e electric mini excavator for a complete quiet solution.
  • Powered by two 48v 5kwh robust lithium-ion batteries, the 1te will work a full day’s shift.
  • Robust automotive-style batteries means they are safe and protected.
  • Rops frame and two stage drive inhibit system ensures operator safety.
  • Safety first
  • The 1te electric dumper can carry on working through the night in any conditions, with near-silent operation and powerful led work lights.
  • The 1te electric dumper gives you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, with quick charging and long battery life.
  • The 1te, 1 ton fully electric machine challenges perceptions of where site dumpers can operate. With zero emissions during use, the machine can operate indoors and in noise sensitive environments.
  • The high tip skip allows the dumper to tip into dumpsters and large containers.
  • The majority of components are identical to the diesel machine, meaning the 1te is built to withstand the toughest job sites.
  • With 7kw continuous, and 20kw peak power, the 1te matches the power of a diesel 1ton dumper.
  • Zero compromise
  • Zero emissions
  • Zero emissions and low noise makes the electric 1te dumper safer for the environment, operators and bystanders.


  • 2 charging options: 110v and 230v rapid charge, making it easy to charge on a variety of job sites.


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