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The 9T is also a very easy dumper to operate, courtesy of 4-Speed permanent 4WD JCB transmission, and it’s built tough enough to handle anything that the rental market can throw up.


Manufacturer: JCB
Model(s): 9T


Payload: 19,842 lbs, 9000 kg


Gross Engine Power: 74 hp, 55 kW Gross



  • A low cost of ownership, an exceptionally tough chassis design and superior ergonomics help to explain why JCB site dumpers are proving extremely popular for material movement and tipping on a huge variety of sites. You’ll be able to move as much material per load as possible because all JCB site dumpers boast a generous heaped skip capacity, a small turning circle, high-Speed operation and a supremely efficient transmission package. The JCB EcoMax Tier 4 Final engine is a durable water-cooled unit incorporating an array of state-of-the-art features to maximize power, torque and economy. Superior power management helps to keep productivity and profitability levels high. In spite of benefiting from high ground clearance in order to excel off-road and remain durable at all times, a 9T site dumper also has a low center of gravity for superb stability. Wheel-to-ground contact has been maximized on this dumper thanks to large oscillation angles. The resulting excellent traction aids off-road performance and boosts productivity still further.
  • Huge amounts of expertise and innovation have gone into the new range of JCB site dumpers. They’re exceptionally rugged and durable, built ready to tackle anything the rental market can throw at them. State-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques help to achieve the very highest levels of build quality. Precision machining techniques ensure high tolerances and accurate location of your 9T dumper’s pins and bushes. Your new JCB site dumper will have benefited from finite element analysis and rig testing to ensure superior structural strength and durability. For further peace of mind, cold cell testing guarantees starting performance down to 5F. Heavy duty damage-resistant articulated chassis and skips help your machine to withstand everything. What’s more, because it articulates and oscillates centrally, strength and reliability are maximized on even the toughest work sites. A JCB 9T dumper’s skip strength is class-leading courtesy of thick steel side walls and heavy duty steel front and base plates.
  • JCB 9T site dumpers have simple and clear user-friendly automotive-style controls and an uncluttered dashboard. The end result is improved access and easier operation. JCB 4-Speed transmission with permanent 4WD offers smooth, uninterrupted power delivery, high travel Speeds, exceptional off-road performance, great traction and safer operation. Easy and fast servicing is essential to any rental machine, so a 9T JCB site dumper features exceptionally easy ground level service access with a chassis and engine canopy that provide maximum access to all areas. The hood is mounted on heavy-duty hinges and can be locked with high specification latches for additional security. The service doors used on this dumper are so large that service access is best-in-class.
  • To meet safety legislations, a folding ROPS frame is fitted as Standard to the JCB 9T site dumper. Hoses and hydraulic components are intelligently located so that they get the maximum possible protection from site damage whilst remaining easy to access and service. Swivel tip machines are protected by a heavy-duty swing tip locking device to keep the skip locked in a straight-ahead position when you’re on the move. Folding ROPS protection means you can rest assured that your operators are as safe as can be. Not only that but this feature makes a 9T dumper much more transportable. High performance oil-immersed disc brakes on both axles provide excellent stopping power in all conditions.
  • With a front tip forward tipping dumper, placing high volume materials is easy and smooth. For the ultimate in job site versatility, swivel tip dumpers can rotate a load through 90 degrees to each side of the machine before tipping. These machines are therefore ideal for backfilling trenches and working in confined spaces. The swivel tip boasts high quality slew ring bearings for the ultimate in smoothness and precision. A displacement option is available for your 9T site dumper; this feature ensures outstanding power and performance. Whichever configuration you choose, you can count on excellent discharge height clearance of at least 4’-11”. What’s more, the robust chassis and skip design keep your dumper stable during every stage of loading and unloading.



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