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4 Wheel Electric Pneumatic Tire Forklift Trucks

Operator comfort enhances productivity and reduces fatigue. With strong visibility, a smooth ride, precise mast positioning and low-effort steering, the ERP-VL series is designed from the ground up to be easy and comfortable to operate.

  • Pneumatic tires reduce vibration, for a compfortable ride even over rough surfaces
  • Drop Battery Box design provides low seat position and low step height, reducing operator effort for entry and exit
  • Large, textured grab handles
  • Seat-side thumb activated directional controls
  • Open floor plate design for up to 18% more floorspace
  • Extra-thick floor mat absorbs shock
  • Precisely positioned seat enhances visibility through the mast

ERP-VL series is packed full of performace-enhancing features.

  • Operator-selectable performance modes allow truck performance to be tailored to the application and operator skill level
  • AC motors provide powerful acceleration, fast travel speeds and fast lift/lower speeds
  • Zero turn radius steer axle and dual AC drive motors enable a tight turning radius, improving maneuverability and productivity

Ownership costs account for most of the cost of lift truck ownership, including periodic maintenance, repairs, power costs, brakes and other items. To help you save time and money, Yale engineered the ERP-VL with a focus on lowering truck operating expenses, reducing maintenance costs and extending maintenance intervals.

  • On-board diagnostics for fast troubleshooting
  • Easy component access, including easily-removable floor plates and a rear-hinged hood that opens nearly 80 degrees
  • CANbus tecnology that reduces wiring and connections
  • Battery side extraction (optional) with rollers and new low-profile side gate with quick release mechanism for quick, efficient battery access and charging
  • Power-assist braking automatically utilizes traction motor braking in proportion to operator brake pedal pressure to reduce braking demand and extend component life


Model(s): ERP045VL, ERP050VL, ERP070VL, ERP060VL
Capacity: 4500-7000lbs
Load Weight: 7000lbs
Max Lift Height: 217
Environment: Indoor, Outdoors
Power: Electric
Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking, Towing


Capacity: 4500-7000lbs
Max Lift Height: 217




  • Ergonomics
  • Performance-enhacing features
  • Low cost of operation



Auto Manufacturing
Chemicals & Plastics
Paper & Packaging

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