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4 Wheel Electric Pneumatic Tire Forklift Truck

Equipping operators for success keeps them productive all shift long.

  • Innovative Zero Turn radius steer axle and dual AC drive motors provide exceptional maneuverability in congested areas and narrow aisles
  • Continuous Stability System requires no maintenance and bolsters stability over uneven surfaces
  • Infinitely adjustable steering column with available telescopic adjustment and tilt memory
  • Strong drivability thanks to car-like feel of pneumatic tires and convenient pedal positioning
  • Auto-deceleration system helps reduce operator pressure on brakes
  • Optional Accutouch mini-levers provide low effort, tactile control over hydraulic functions

The power for tasks traditionally reserved for ICE models, while maintaining the benefits of electrification.

  • Standard Extended Shift feature allows longer run time between recharging
  • Increased loaded travel speeds and acceleration is possible with Extended Shift setting turned off
  • AC transistor hydraulic control enables precise load handling with greater efficiency and less noise
  • Multifunction display enables adjustment of customizable performance parameters to meet application needs
  • Optional "quick connect" rapid charge system simplifies charging operation through easy-access side-mounted port
  • Standard 80-volt electrical system

You need dependability, not downtime. The ERP-VM series uses industrial grade components and smart design choices for longlisting productivity and value.

  • AC motors eliminate brushes, which mean there are none to ever require service
  • Oil-cooled wet disc brakes and completely sealed from water and other contaminants, virtually eliminated brake maintenance
  • CANbus technology reduces wiring and related serviceable components
  • 10-micron hydraulic filter captures 99.5% of hydraulic system debris
  • Thermal management system protects key components
  • Unitized frame and welded steel construction provide improved overall rigidity and protection of internal components

When maintenance is required, you need it done quickly and efficiently, so operators can get back to work. The ERP-VM is designed just for that - and to require less service to begin with.

  • Easily removable floor plates and rear-hinged hood for easy access to serviceable components
  • Lift out floor plates require no tools for quick service checks
  • Intellix Vehicle System Manager continuously monitors and controls all major truck functions
  • Simplified wire and hose routing,  clearly numbered wires and sealed connectors to make service tasks easier


Model(s): ERP100VML, ERP090VM, ERP100VM, ERP080VM, ERP110VM, ERP120VM
Capacity: 8000-12000lbs
Load Weight: 12000lbs
Max Lift Height: 236


Capacity: 8000-12000lbs
Max Lift Height: 236




  • Operator friendly
  • Power and versatility
  • Count on it
  • Simple serviceability



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