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4 Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks

The ERC-VG series is designed with a focus on human engineering, with a variety of operator-friendly features to minimize strain and fatigue, while maximizing productivity.

  • Customizable operator compartment allows precise positioning of the steering column and seat to optimize comfort and forward visibility through the mast
  • Open floor plate design offers up to 20% more floor space, while extra-thick floor mat absorbs shock
  • Power-assisted braking reduces pedal effort, with ergonomic layout for greater comfort
  • Large, textured grab handles
  • Deep, anti-skid steps enable easy entry, exit
  • Hydraulic controls are offered in two configurations to provide low-effort, tactile control of all hydraulic functions
  • Thumb actuated or foot directional control offer quicker, smoother control of travel speed and direction

Tough indoor applications require electric trucks that are up to the task. The Yale ERC-VG series is designed to get the job done, with industrial-grade components and smart engineering to provide productive value and long life.

  • CANbus technology reduces wiring and connections for greater reliability
  • Drive axle uses high-strength gears and shafts to resist stress from quick direction changes
  • Steer axles use tough cast ductile iron for one-piece integrity and durability to support the counterweight and handle road shocks and vibration
  • Welded steel frame offers rigidity and protection of internal components
  • Sealed electrical connections resist moisture and dirt

From tough, short shuttle applications to long runs and ramp usage, the ERC-VG is built for varied applications.

  • Cool running, low maintenance AC technology provides enhanced performance and longer battery run time
  • Selectable performance modes allow truck performance to be tailored to real-time conditions and operator skill
  • Extended Shift functionality provides an excellent balance between battery run time and truck productivity
  • Return-to-set-tilt option brings the forks to a preset position when tilting for easy operation
  • Premium Permormance package (optional) provides up to a 12% increase in travel speed and lift speed

What's more? Competitive testing shows that the ERC045-070VG electric rider product offers the best energy efficiency (energy used per load moved) of any lift truck in its class in North America.

Ownership costs account for the largest portion of dollars spent on a lift truck, including periodic maintenance, repairs, power costs, brakes and other items. Yale engineers focused on reducing maintenance requirements, making service more efficient when it is necessary.

  • Easy component access, including easily-removable floor plates and a rear-hinged hood that opens nearly 80 degrees
  • Reduced regular service requirements due to AC traction and hydraulic motors with no brushes and single-contactor AC electrical system
  • Clearly numbered wires, sealed connectors and common-sense routing make service easy and efficient
  • Auto Deceleration System reduces demand on brakes, extending service life
  • Hydraulic and steering functions in a single pump and motor assembly limits items that require service


Model(s): ERC050VG, ERC070VG, ERC055VG, ERC065VG, ERC060VG, ERC045VG
Capacity: 4500-7000lbs
Load Weight: 7000lbs
Max Lift Height: 264
Environment: Indoor
Power: Electric
Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking, Towing


Capacity: 4500-7000lbs
Max Lift Height: 264




  • Designed for comfort
  • Industrial-grade components
  • Application-matched performance
  • Less maintenance, easy service



Auto Manufacturing
Chemicals & Plastics
Paper & Packaging

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