TLT 55-28G

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The JCB 55-28G and 66-44G LPG Teletruks counterbalance forkLifts are strong and versatile machines. Fueled by liquid propane gas (LPG), the two models are ideal for indoor logistics and material handling applications. The primary difference between the two LPG models is Lift capacity. The TLT 55-28G LPG has a maximum Lift capacity of 5,500 lb (2,500 kg) and the TLT 66-44G LPG has a maximum Lift capacity of 6,600 lb (3,000 kg). Both models have a maximum Lift height of 13 feet 1 inch (4 m) and maximum forward reach of 7 feet 10 inches (2.39 m) and both are powered by a Tier 4 Final-compliant Kubota 58 hp LPG engine. The TLT55-28G LPG and TLT66-44G LPG counterbalance forkLifts stand out from the competition as the world’s only LPG-fueled telescopic counterbalance forkLifts. The unique telescopic boom offers many benefits:


Manufacturer: JCB
Model(s): TLT 55-28G
Capacity: 5,500 lbs
Max Lift Height: 13 ft 1 in, 4.0 m


Capacity: 5,500 lbs
Max Lift Height: 13 ft 1 in, 4.0 m


Gross Engine Power: 58 hp, 43 kW



  • 111 degrees of carriage rotation
  • 58 hp Kubota LPG engine
  • Ability to single side load, reduce double-handling and keep operators clear of hazardous environments.
  • And because the telescopic boom allows work to be completed in more confined spaces, 50 percent less loading space is required than conventional forkLifts.
  • Comfort
  • Cost Savings
  • Daily checks are performed quickly with access via the service side door. The Teletruk’s battery is easily accessed Without the need for special tools. The hydraulic tank is also within easy reach and there’s an unobstructed view of the indicator.
  • Depending on your application, the versatile JCB Teletruk can perform the tasks of a skid steer loader, compact telescopic handler, rough terrain forkli ft, compact wheel loader and a conventional masted forkLift. This may allow a reduction in the number of machines in your fleet and further drive down Operating costs.
  • Easier and safer handling of unpalletized goods.
  • Easily-accessible components and service check areas
  • For additional peace of mind, efficient service scheduling is ensured by JCB LiveLink telematics.
  • Getting into and out of the JCB Teletruk is also safe and easy, thanks to the wide step and large grip handle.
  • Ground-level access to all the major components and service interval checks is quick and easy through the side-Opening door and tilting cab.
  • Hose burst check valves prevent loss of pressure in hydraulic cylinders if a hydraulic hose fails, to maintain the boom position and prevent it from falling.
  • Improved site safety due to unobstructed operator forward view.
  • JCB’s Teletruk fueled by liquid propane gas
  • Lift capacity of 5,500 lb (2,500 kg)
  • Maximum forward reach: 7 feet 10 inches (2.39 m)
  • 13 feet 1 inch (4 m)
  • Safety
  • Serviceability
  • Space savings with 50 percent less required loading space.
  • The JCB Teletruk comes with a Standard two-year, 2,000-hour JCB warranty.
  • The JCB Teletruk features an enhanced ergonomic designed for superb operator comfort throughout the work day.
  • The JCB Teletruk’s unique side boom provides unrivaled forward visibility.
  • The Teletruk forkLift offers several cab choices, including a simple canopy or fully-glazed or low cab options.
  • The cab structure is ROPS/FOPS compliant with additional safety features such as a front screen guard, optional OHG, Standard-fit lap belts and optional Speed control. The seat incorporates an operator presence switch.
  • The multifunctional control lever and other controls are designed to be within easy reach. The display is easy to read in any light.
  • The unique telescopic boom on the JCB TLT55-28G and TLT66-44G LPG Teletruks allow tasks to be completed faster and within smaller work spaces. This contributes to significant fuel savings and Operating savings up to 30 percent.
  • The unrivaled forward reach allows you to unload both sides of a truck trailer, to reduce forkLift movements and improve pedestrian safety.
  • To maximize your return on your equipment investment, JCB Teletruk forkLifts are easy to maintain and feature long service intervals and quality components.
  • Using a big bag shovel, loose aggregates can be bagged on demand, saving time when loading pre-bagged materials and space from bulk bag storage.



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