Equipment type:

Rear-wheel steering forklift

The ERP-VC series is packed with features to get the job done, all shift long.

  • Tight turning radius and overall width of 39.2 inches for excellent maneuverability in restricted spaces and congested areas
  • AC motors provide smooth acceleration and strong travel, torque and lifting performance
  • Competitive top travel speed of 7.5 mph and lifting speed of 59 feet per minute

An operator-focused design helps productivity start high and stay high, all shift long.

  • Mast offers clear, wide range of visibility to help operators work more quickly and precisely
  • Operator compartment offers generous foot space, intuitive pedal arrangement and low step height to keep operators fresh over long shifts
  • Optional full suspension seat helps reduce truck vibration for extra comfort
  • Low noise level of only 59db(A) reduces stress on operators
  • Display mounted on overhead guard keeps field of vision clear and easy, at-a-glance access to truck information and operating conditions

In today's competitive landscape, downtime is not an option. The ERP-VC series is designed with proven technology and strong components from the ground up.

  • Strong chassis construction provides excellent durability and stability
  • O-ring face seal fittings, CANbus communications and sealed electrical connectors offer long-term reliability
  • Hall-Effect sensors are virtually maintenance free, making the truck more reliable and decreasing downtime
  • Auto Deceleration System automatically slows when operator removes pressure from accelerator, reducing brake usage and associated maintenance requirements
  • Power-Assisted braking system further increases brake and drivetrain life by automatically utilizing traction motor braking in proportion to brake pedla pressure to reduce demand on service brakes

The ERP-VC series includes a range of maintenance friendly features and advanced diagnostics to make service simple and limit total cost of operation.

  • Intellix Vehicle System Manager continuously monitors all major truck functions for proper, efficient operation
  • Thermal management system protects motors and controllers, for reduced maintenance consts
  • Steer column includes diagnostic port for easy access to on-board diagnostics and programming
  • Floor plate easily lifts out without tools for easy access to serviceable components
  • No battery removal required for full serivce


Model(s): ERP030VC, ERP025VC
Capacity: 2500-3000lbs
Load Weight: 3000lbs
Max Lift Height: 192


Capacity: 2500-3000lbs
Max Lift Height: 192




  • Productivity
  • Ergonomic advantages
  • Long-term dependability
  • Simple serviceability



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