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Center Rider Pallet Trucks

When your heavy-duty application demands that a truck run 4,000+ hours a year, you want to be absolutely certain you have the equipment that’s up to the task.

From enhancing frame stability, to reinforcing our forks with 25% more steel, to engineering the undercarriage to protect all of the truck’s most critical components, we’ve designed our current model heavy-duty center riders to be the durable solution to your application’s toughest challenges.

Hyster i3 Technology™ integrates commonality among Hyster warehouse products and simplifies the way in which operators and technicians alike handle and service the truck. The Integrated Intelligent Interface ties together functionality, software, diagnostic codes, similar interfaces and is Hyster Tracker compatible. This technology allows operator input to optimize performance to suit operator skill level. It also provides setup and diagnostic menus for service technicians.

CANbus communication system helps reduce wear by simplifying truck wiring—fewer wires mean fewer potential failure points. The traction and hydraulic controls compartment requires no tools to open. And the translucent hydraulic reservoir allows technicians to check fluid levels at a glance. Your technicians will also appreciate our on-board diagnostic capability, which allows for quick troubleshooting.

Features like programmable performance modes let operators tailor truck performance to the application or their skill level. From the large operator compartment to the intuitive controls and optional electronic power-assist steering, our intelligently designed ergonomics make our heavy-duty center riders easier and more comfortable to operate. 

The C60ZHD and C80ZHD heavy-duty center riders are extraordinarily quick and maneuverable. Pacesetting, programmable acceleration and travel speeds allow more loads to be moved per hour. A high-performance hydraulic system, coupled with the advanced pallet entry exit system, produces outstanding cycle times. Their tight turning radius, short head length and control handle design allow them to easily enter and exit tight spaces quickly.

  • Auto Deceleration reduces the need to manually apply a service brake for slow down. The operator simply returns the throttle control towards neutral for a controlled deceleration, reducing fatigue and enhancing productivity. Two-stage braking is activated by squeezing the brake levers mounted on the control handle.
  • Tapered fork design provides industry-leading pallet entry and exit. Top of profile has been tapered to allow easy handling of pallets.


Model(s): C60ZHD, C80ZHD
Capacity: 6000-8000lbs
Load Weight: 8000lbs
Max Lift Height: 9.25
Environment: Indoor
Power: Electric
Primary Task: Ground Level Transport Only


Capacity: 6000-8000lbs
Max Lift Height: 9.25




  • Designed for dependability
  • Low cost of operation
  • Built for comfort
  • Enhanced productivity



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