Two Distinctions

In addition to training and mechanical aptitude, what makes for superior service results? Experience.

Shared Knowledge and Experience

Every morning our service and operations leaders from all 10 locations meet to review problems and share insights. With 60+ plus people participating and their many years of combined field experience, we tap & share our collective knowledge to tackle technical issues and quickly assist all technicians.

This seemingly simple process has grown our collective knowledge base and increased rapid communication and experience throughout our service teams. 

We believe in working hard, but we also believe in working smart. Leveraging the experience of 60 service people on a daily basis is one way we give our customers better service.

Customer Feedback

Another way we’re improving is with our Service Surveys. Service-related surveys are sent out regularly to customers who’ve recently received service from any of our locations.  These surveys aren’t fishing for compliments, rather they’re searching for insights that help us improve your experience with Black Equipment. 

We want to know what we’re doing right, where we miss the mark, and ensure we stay up-to-date with your changing needs. The surveys are quick and easy to take but provide plenty of space for you to elaborate if you wish. 

Nimble Support

Like any company, we have standard procedures for daily work. These are processes we continually tweak and improve. 

However, when a customer finds themselves in an emergency, we adapt and when necessary, draw upon the expertise, equipment, and resources from any of our 10 locations to get our customer back up and running.

Unlike a factory dealership, there’s no red-tape to deal with. We act fast, often involving the company president to ensure the fastest response. As a family-owned independent dealer, Black Equipment is sensitive to customer emergencies and works professionally to minimize them. 

We believe the Black Equipment Service difference is why we have many customers who’ve chosen to build and maintain their fleets exclusively with us.