Equipment Installation

Lift Truck Delivery Orientation

Some trucks are shipped lying down for stability. We properly unload & orient such trucks for operation upon delivery.

Large Equipment Assembly

Larger equipment like massive reach stackers arrives disassembled. Our technicians will assemble the sections, test, and ensure the equipment is in full working order.

Add-Ons and Accessories

We’ll install any additional equipment like attachments, fork positioners, light kits, cameras, telematics, and object detection hardware.

Docks & Doors

From pouring and repairing dock concrete to installing, wiring, and maintaining your overhead doors and related accessories, Black Equipment has you covered.  Installing and maintaining your Docks & Doors pushes the experience limits of most businesses. Black Equipment has Dock & Door teams dedicated to ensuring yours are properly installed and safely maintained. In addition to dock & door repairs, we offer preventative maintenance to ensure your doors, concrete, levelers, and accessories operate reliably and safely.

Battery Charging and Battery Changing Stations

Battery power offers many advantages to the efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness of your fleet. But batteries come with their own special set of needs. Electric lift trucks require certain batteries to be changed regularly, and that requires a proper Battery Changing Station.  We’ll help you plan your battery charging and changing stations, do the installations, and help you keep them maintained.

Operator Training

We provide complete hands-on operator training and safety certification on new equipment, as well as a ‘Train the Trainer’ program so you can conduct your own in-house training in the future.

Safety and Performance Testing 

Our team will test all functions like brakes, steering, hydraulics, and stability controls to ensure proper operation prior to hand-off.

Maintenance Overview

We’ll discuss periodic maintenance recommendations, schedules, and best practices for your models and offer competitive service packages. Rely on our expertise to get your new material handling equipment fully installed and operating safely and efficiently.