On-Site Battery Services

Electric lift truck batteries require proper maintenance and handling. Black Equipment provides a full range of battery services at your facility

  • Battery watering
  • Battery washing – including the haul away of hazardous residue
  • Cable & connection repair
  • Load testing and analysis
  • Battery recycling and disposal

Battery Installation Services

  • Battery charging systems
  • Battery changing stations

Telematics monitoring tools

Our partners at Hyster, Yale, and Hawker provide battery telematics so you can have instant access to the health of your batteries on a Wi-Fi enabled device.

Battery Rejuvenation

Extend battery life at a fraction of replacement cost through our in-house rejuvenation process. Rely on our certified technicians to keep your batteries optimized and in compliance with environmental regulations.

Battery Rejuvenation is for Lead Acid, and TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) batteries.