Real-Life Application Success Story – Continental Tire and Black Equipment

Transforming Operations with Yale Vision


At its 60-acre facility in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, employing a workforce of over 3,000, Continental Tire manufactures a comprehensive range of commercial and passenger tires primarily for the North American market. The company was in search of a technology-based solution to enhance visibility of its lift truck fleet and drive process optimization across its expansive operation.


Continental Tire’s challenge was multi-faceted. The company aimed to:

  1. Replace paper checklists for OSHA mandated daily inspections with electronic alternatives, aiming to save more than 279,000 pieces of paper annually.
  2. Match equipment reports with operators to gauge performance and automate reporting.
  3. Schedule maintenance based on real-time data, creating a leaner operation with minimal unplanned downtime.
  4. Automatically track lift truck utilization across different departments to assess equipment needs.

A previous telemetry effort had fallen short, mainly due to a dependence on the company’s IT department. This time around, the solution needed to be streamlined, requiring no IT involvement.


Continental Tire turned to Yale Vision, facilitated through their existing relationship with Black Equipment. Yale Vision provided a dedicated project management resource to guide solution implementation and ongoing support. This became the largest installation of Yale Vision to date, inclusive of a mix of Yale and non-Yale equipment, showcasing the system’s flexibility.

Given the size of the facility and the workforce required for its 24-hour, three-shift operation, the Yale Vision team worked collaboratively with Continental Tire to produce a custom, dedicated matrix. This ensured all operators could be tracked while maintaining system performance.

To avoid IT dependency and due to lack of GSM cellular coverage at the location, CDMA Yale Vision modules were selected. Training was provided for management and operators to effectively use the system, facilitated internally by Nathan Baugher, fleet and rolling stock manager for Continental Tire.


The implementation of Yale Vision resulted in a leaner, more efficient operation at Continental Tire. The automated service calls and preventive maintenance facilitated by Yale Vision decreased downtime, with alerts for proactive service going directly to Black Equipment.

Utilization data from Yale Vision ensured that no additional lift trucks were necessary despite the expansion of production processes, avoiding unnecessary capital expenditures. The system also played a crucial role in improving safety and compliance, replacing outdated paper checklists with digital alternatives integrated into the vehicle’s interlock system.

The collaboration between Black Equipment, Yale Materials Handling Corporation, and Continental Tire was integral to the project’s success, ensuring that the Yale Vision system was tailored to meet the specific needs of Continental Tire’s large-scale operation.

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