Forklift Attachment Categories

Black Equipment offers a wide range of attachments for warehousing and distribution centers, manufacturing, agriculture, recycling and more.  Below are typical Forklift Attachment Categories with descriptions and example photos:

Fork Positioners 

Fork Positioner attachments help warehousers and manufacturers improve efficiency and safety. Lift truck operators can use these attachments to hydraulically adjust fork spacing right from their seats which makes it easier to adjust to different pallet sizes on the fly. 

Side Shifters 

Side Shifter attachments allow the forklift operator to move the forks and the load laterally without having to move the entire forklift. This streamlines the process of aligning the forks , making it a more efficient & safe process.

Fork Extensions 

Fork Extension attachments allow you to temporarily extend the length of the forklift’s existing forks, providing support for longer or larger loads that exceed standard fork length. These attachments are helpful for moving oversized or awkwardly shaped loads.

Multiple Load Handlers

Multiple Load Handlers are designed to handle more than one pallet at a time.  They’re generally configured to handle two pallets side-by-side. They’re best suited for applications that require large quantities to be moved quickly and efficiently. 

Multi-Pallet Handlers

Multi-Pallet Handlers, while similar in purpose to Multiple Load Handlers, offer more configurations and capabilities. For example, they can handle two pallets side by side, although some models accommodate even more. 

This makes Multi-Pallet Handlers suitable for such industries as beverage, construction, and landscaping supply.

Paper Roll Clamps

Paper Roll Clamp attachments for forklifts are specialized devices engineered to handle large rolls of paper securely and efficiently. These attachments grip, lift, and transport paper rolls without causing damage, making them indispensable in industries where paper products are produced & stored. Their application in warehousing and manufacturing sectors, particularly in the printing, packaging, and paper production industries, promotes efficiency and product safety.

Carton Clamps 

Carton Clamp attachments for forklifts are specialized tools that handle large, boxed goods without the need for pallets. These attachments have flat, smooth clamping surfaces that apply uniform pressure to the sides of the carton. This enables more secure and damage-free handling. Carton Clamps are widely used in warehousing and manufacturing industries, particularly in the handling of electronics, appliances, packaged foods, and other consumer goods that are shipped in large cartons.


Forklift rotator attachments allow the operator to rotate the load up to 360 degrees. This is useful in warehousing and manufacturing industries, where it helps improve operational efficiency, safety, and material handling versatility.

Drum Clamps

Drum Clamp attachments for forklifts enable you to handle and transport industrial drums more safely and efficiently. The attachments use curved arms that securely grip the drums, allowing forklift operators to lift, move, and stack cylindrical drums without manual handling. Drum Clamps are useful in warehousing and manufacturing industries where liquid or granular materials are stored in drums.

Push-Pull / Slip Sheets

Push Pull or Slip Sheet attachments for forklifts handle loads without the use of traditional wooden pallets. Instead, the attachments grip, lift, and move products that are placed on slip sheets, which are thin pallet-sized sheets made of materials like cardboard, plastic, or paper. This method saves money & storage space need for pallets.

Bale Clamps

Bale Clamp attachments are designed to handle various types of baled materials without the need for pallets. They grip, lift, and transport bales securely, making them essential in industries where materials such as cotton, wool, hay, metal scrap, or recycled paper and plastic are commonly handled in bale form.

Layer Pickers 

Layer Picker forklift attachments enhance the efficiency of picking and handling layers of products from pallets, such as layers of stacked beverage cartons. They’re capable of lifting a single layer or multiple layers of goods simultaneously, making them useful for order fulfillment, restocking, and pallet building tasks.

White Goods/Appliance Clamps 

White Goods forklift clamp attachments are for the secure handling and transportation of large household appliances, commonly referred to as “white goods.” These include refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers. Equipped with broad, flat clamping surfaces, White Goods Clamps apply even pressure across the appliance, ensuring a firm grip without causing damage.

Tire Clamps 

Tire Clamp attachments handle and transport tires in warehousing and manufacturing environments. They’re equipped with curved arms that conform to the shape of the tires, allowing for secure gripping and efficient movement without causing damage.

Pulp Bale Clamps

Pulp Bale Clamp attachments are specifically for handling baled pulp, which is used as a raw material in the paper manufacturing industry. The clamps grip, lift, and transport large, heavy bales of pulp.

Recycling Clamps 

Recycling Clamp attachments for forklifts handle and transport a variety of recycled materials, such as baled paper, plastic, metal, and textiles. These clamps are equipped with durable arms that can securely grip the recycled bales for efficient movement.

Block Handlers

Block Handler attachments are tools that lift, transport, and stack concrete blocks, bricks, and other similar construction materials. These attachments are equipped with durable gripping mechanisms that securely hold multiple blocks at once, allowing for efficient movement within construction material manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers.

Concrete Block Clamps

Concrete Block clamps lift, transport, and stack heavy concrete blocks, and are often used in the construction industry.

Load Inverters 

Load Inverter forklift attachments rotate or invert palletized goods, boxes, or other materials. Load Inverters can rotate loads 180 degrees which is useful for operations that must flip products for processing, storage, or shipping purposes.

Pipe Clamps

Pipe Clamp attachments enable you to handle and transport long, cylindrical objects such as pipes and tubes. They have clamps which conform to the shape of the pipes with a secure grip that allows for safe and more efficient load transportation. They’re often used in manufacturing or materials warehousing industries that deal with plumbing, construction, civil engineering projects, oil and gas, and other sectors where pipes are a primary material.

Specialty Forklift Attachments

This category includes attachments that are often customized or manufactured for specialized manufacturing or distribution purposes.  They include such things as coil hook attachments for lifting coils of steel or aluminum, Forging Clamps for moving loads in extremely hot conditions, or situations where a unique load manipulation is required.