SHUTTLE 2+2 EFI Gas 113.0 in (287 cm)

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Versatility commands the day with the Shuttle™ 2+2. The newly redesigned Shuttle 2+2 is the ideal choice for transporting personnel and visitors around a plant, resort, or job site. Comfortably seating up to four passengers with generous bench seats, the rear seat will also convert to a cargo deck. The Shuttle 2+2 is offered in your choice of a fuel-efficient 13.5-hp EFI gas engine or ELiTE lithium powered by Samsung SDI Technology.


Manufacturer: Cushman
Model(s): SHUTTLE 2+2 EFI Gas 113.0 in (287 cm)


Length: 113.0 in (287 cm)
Width: 47 in (119cm)
Height: 48 in (122 cm) (w/o Roof) 76.0 in (193 cm) (w/ Struts & Roof)
Wheel Base: 65.5 in (166 cm)
Wheel Track: 37 in (94 cm) Front / 38 in (97 cm) Rear
Ground Clearance: 4.3 in (11 cm)
Load Capacity: 800 lb (363 kg)


Drive Train: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Fuel Capacity: 5.96 Gallon (22.6 L) tank
Gear Selection: Forward - Reverse
Power Source: 4-Cycle, 24.5 ci (401cc)
Valve Train: Single Cylinder OHV
Horsepower (Kw): 13.5 hp (10.1 kW)
Electrical System: Starter/Generator. Solid State Reg.
Battery (Qty/Type): One, 12V Maintenance Free
Key Or Pedal Start: Pedal
Air Cleaner: Industrial Rated Dry Filter
Lubrication: Pressurized Oil System
Oil Filter: Spin-On
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Transaxle: Differential w/ Helical Gears
Rear Axle Ratio: 11.47:1 (Forward) 14.35:1 (Reverse)


Frame: Welded Steel w/ DuraShield™ Powder Coat
Body & Finish: Injection Molded TPO (Front) Steel Base Coat/Clear Coat (Rear)
Standard Color: Patriot Blue
Seating Capacity: 4-Person
Curb Weight: 902 (409 kg)
Weight w/o Batteries: 872 lb (396 kg)
Vehicle Load Capacity: 800 lb (363 kg)
Outside Clearance Circle: 18.9 ft (5.76 m)
Speed: 16.5 mph ± 0.5 mph (26.5 kph ± 0.8 kph)
Steering: Self-Compensating Rack & Pinion
Suspension: Leaf Springs w/ Hydraulic Shock Absorbers (Front) Leaf Springs w/ Hydraulic Shock Absorbers (Rear)
Service Brake: Rear Wheel Mechanical, Self-Adjusting Drum
Parking Brake: Self-Compensating, Single-Point Engagement
Tires: Hole-N-One Tires


  • Efi Gas, Efi Gas Lifted
  • The EFI gas engine is designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, allowing you to tackle any challenge.



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