Hauler® 4X4 Diesel

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This is what an unrelenting work ethic looks like. By combining a 22-hp diesel engine with a 1,600-lb total Load Capacity, the Hauler 4X4 Diesel gives you the strength to take on any job. Four-wheel independent suspension, user-selectable 4WD and all-terrain tires ensure it’s ready for whatever task lies ahead.


Manufacturer: Cushman
Model(s): Hauler® 4X4 Diesel



Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Capacity: 7.4 gal. (28 l)
Horsepower (Kw): 22 hp (16.4 kW)
Battery (Qty/Type): (1) 12V maintenance free
Cooling System: Liquid
Transmission: Belt, continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Cylinders: 3
Displacement: 61.5 ci (1,007 cc)


Axles: Differential lock (limited slip device on front axle)
Parking Brake: Single-Point Engagement
Tires: 25x10-12


  • A smooth ride, even on punishing paths
  • Added protection for all passengers
  • Engage extra power when you need it most
  • Enhanced safety when Operating on steep and uneven terrain
  • Plenty of space for gear and supplies



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