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According to OSHA Regulation 1910.178(l) for powered industrial trucks, all forklift operators must successfully complete an operator training course provided by a certified instructor.Black Equipment Co., Inc. offers two types of forklift operator training, Operator Training and Train-the-Trainer. Please see below for descriptions of both courses.

Operator Training

Operator training consists of a two-part format, a written examination as well as hands-on forklift operation. Each operator is required to pass both portions of the course to be a certified forklift operator. Black Equipment Co., Inc. has an on-staff certified instructor that will travel to your location and provide your operators with a four-hour operator training course. This consists of discussions of books and videos, an examination as well as hands-on forklift operation. All training topics requested under OSHA Regulation 1910.178(l) will be covered. Each attendee that successfully completes the course will be given a certified forklift license that will be good for three years.


Train-the-Trainer consists of the operator training course listed above. In addition to the operator training, each attendee will learn in more extensive detail how to operate a forklift as well as how to be a certified instructor. This course is approximately two days in length. Each passing attendee will be a certified operator instructor when the course is completed and can provide their own operator training themselves on-site. Each passing attendee will receive complimentary training books and have the option to purchase the videos viewed during the course. Most larger companies opt for the Train-the-Trainer course to cut down on present and future Operator Training expense by doing their own in-house operator training.TRAINED OPERATORS WILL LEAVE WITH AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE POTENTIAL HAZARDS AND SAFETY CONCERNS OF FORKLIFT OPERATIONFor more information, contact us @ training@blackequipment.com