Fast Tire Service

Fast Tire Service Solutions at Black Equipment

In the fast-paced world of material handling and logistics, equipment downtime is not just an inconvenience—it’s a direct hit to productivity and efficiency. 

Industries relying on forklifts know all too well the challenges that arise when a tire suddenly loses its tread, leading to unexpected halts in operations. 

The Need for Speed in Tire Service

Forklift tires may not always be top of mind, but they are the foundation of your material handling equipment’s safety and performance. 

When tire issues arise, they need to be addressed promptly to prevent accidents, inefficiencies, and further damage to your equipment.

Mobile Tire Service: On-Site, Efficient, and Effective

Our Mobile Tire Service Truck is equipped to handle a range of tire sizes—from small cushion tires to large pneumatics for lift trucks up to 15,500 lbs.— our service truck is a mobile tire shop capable of same-day service. The 62-throat mobile tire press on our trucks can handle almost any tire size, and with an inventory of tires on board, we can offer quick response and reduced travel times.

Comprehensive Tire Solutions

Our service doesn’t stop at tire replacement. We can conduct thorough tire inspections to identify wear patterns and damage, provide on-site pressing, and responsible disposal of old tires. 

Moreover, our experts can delve into the root causes of repeated tire wear problems and offer insights and solutions. 

Whether it’s consulting with tire reps or recommending changes in equipment flow or driving style, we’re here to help ensure your tires are durable and dependable.