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Jib, Gantry, and Monorails

Free Standing Jib Crane

  • Cost effective solution for lifting needs that can be covered within the radius created by the jib crane.
  • Well-suited for use beneath traveling industrial cranes, in open areas where they serve several work cells.
  • Anchor bolt kits and templates designed to allow for easy and accurate installation of anchor bolts are available for all floor mounted free standing jib cranes.
  • Workstation jib cranes are available constructed from standard I-beams or for smaller capacities enclosed rail type jibs can be provided.

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

  • Low-cost method of manipulating loads where lifting space can be limited to between 180 and 270 of rotation provided by a wall or column mounted jib crane and where repetitive lifts are not required.
  • Wall-mounted jib cranes utilize existing structures for support which eliminates the need to increase floor obstructions by adding additional columns.
  • Costly foundations are not required.
  • Capacities are limited by the size of your existing walls or columns. (In some cases CraneWerks can reinforce existing structures for increased capacity)
  • Lighter loads can be handled with enclosed rail systems while heavier capacities require structural steel beams.
  • One of the largest disadvantages to the use of wall mounted jib cranes is the high cost of engineering needed to determine if the building structure that they are going to be attached to will support them.

Articulating Jib Crane and Werkarm

  • Unique swivel arm allows for movement around corners and other obstructions
  • Economical solution to lifting needs that require large numbers of lifts and where the space being utilized for these lifts can be limited to the radius in which the jib crane covers.
  • Wall mounted and ceiling mounted articulating jibs available where mounting jibs from the floor is undesirable.
  • Allows for easy movement of the jib arms when the loads are being manipulated near the column of the jib.
  • Available in up to 2000# capacities with a reach of up to 16 ft.
  • Articulating jib cranes provide quick return on investment through increased productivity, reduced injuries and improved safety.

Gantry Crane

  • Portable gantries available as standard in capacities up to 10 ton 24’ span
  • Aluminum gantries are available in capacities up to 3 ton
  • Powered gantry cranes are available for high capacity, long span applications.

Free Standing Monorail Crane

  • Used in most any environment to perform simple lifting operations from unloading trucks to disassembling dies and other equipment
  • Patented track systems are available for monorails with curves and switches allowing material to move from one section of the plant to another.
  • Monorail spurs are used for transferring loads from one bridge crane to another or from a bridge crane to another area in the plant.
  • Free standing monorails can be equipped with a cantilevered beam on one or both ends of the monorail. These cantilevers can be used to reach areas beyond the support columns of the system such as over a pit or dock area.
  • Cantilevered supports are also available on free standing monorails when pairs of columns and headers are not possible.

Ceiling Supported Monorail

  • Economical way of manipulating small to large loads.
  • Bolt together construction for easy installation
    • can be relocated and added onto as needed.
  • Typical capacities range between ¼ and 10 Ton
    • Capacities over 2 ton and/or monorails utilizing motorized trolleys are constructed from structural steel or patented track
    • Capacities from 250lbs to 2 ton are available in enclosed rail. This is most practical when push type trolleys can be utilized.
  • Complete approval drawings supplied